Music Education Innsbruck

The Department of Music Education in Innsbruck is the central training center for music teachers in Western Austria. The clear focus on music education, very personal support and the home in the House of Music in the center of Innsbruck make the department a special interface between artistic ability, scientific expertise and didactic know-how.

The department has modern seminar and teaching rooms, over-rooms for students and two rehearsal and lecture halls. Concerts and events take place regularly in the halls of Haus der Musik and at other venues.

In the area of instrumental & vocal pedagogy (IGP) we cooperate with

to guarantee students the best possible education.

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"Loving, understanding and teaching music."

— Department of Music Education Innsbruck


  • 15.4.
    10:30 am
    Sounding music theory
    Online qualification for children & youth choir direction (module 7) with Heike Henning. Participation free of charge, please register at
    Info event
    · Free entry
  • 19.4.
    08:00 pm
    Haus der Musik Innsbruck
    Lecture evening with Romed Hopfgartner
    · Free
  • 26.4.
    08:00 pm
    Haus der Musik Innsbruck
    Singing Evening with Peter Ullrich
    · Free
  • 2.5.
    08:00 pm
    Haus der Musik Innsbruck
    Music by Ukrainian Women Composers (Nina Ivanova)
    · Free


Podium Freie Improvisation
13. April & 25. Mai, jeweils um 20:00 Uhr, Probesaal

Come together Mozarteum & Musikwissenschaft
3. Mai & 7. Juni , jeweils um 10:30 Uhr

  • 28. März, (Uhrzeit & Ort folgt): Probezulassungsprüfung ME/IME
  • 25. April, (Uhrzeit & Ort folgt): Konzert Judenhass in der Musik (MuWi, Fr. Pavlovic)
  • 9.-11. Mai: ÖH Wahlen
  • 7. Juni, 20:00 Uhr, VO-Saal: Humor in der Musik
  • 14. Juni, 18:00 Uhr, VO-Saal: Vortragsabend Kammermusik (Blockflöte)
  • 17.-18. Juni, ganztägig, Probesaal+KM 1: Workshop Bernhard König (Julia Wieneke)

Wintersemester 2023/2024

  • 24. September, 13:00-18:00 Uhr, Vorplatz HdM: TATÄÄ – ein Fest am Platz
  • 20.-21. Oktober, ganztägig, VO-Saal: Tagung MuWi „BrassPop“
  • 11. November, 10:00-16:00 Uhr, 5. OG: Tagung Musik und Medizin gemeinsam mit Land Tirol
  • 23.-24. November, ganztägig, VO-Saal: Tagung MuWi „Judenhass bzw. Antisemitismus in der Musik“


Research projects

  • Detail eines Notenbuchs | © David Beale

    In the meeting with selected experts from the South-East Asian choral scene (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines), the long-term aim is to develop an interdisciplinary and practice-oriented training of choral teachers (school music, IGP (school music, IGP, choral conducting).

    Research project
  • 21.1.2021

    Grenzklang is a project based in Tyrol and unique in the entire German-speaking region, which on the one hand offers children of Persian origin an opportunity to promote singing and music-making, while at the same time enabling a connection to their culture and being open to children of all nationalities as well as music of pluralistic cultures. On the other hand, Grenzklang is a practical training programme for future music teachers. This joint intercultural learning envisaged in the project ideally leads to an attitude of all participants, which is the basis for social progress and enables teaching and learning in diversity, equality and democracy. It thus functions as a model for further (music) pedagogical and intercultural offers. Synergy is an essential feature and Grenzklang contributes to strengthening the cultural identity of all participants.

    Research project



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Isabel Gabbe | © Elsa Okazaki
Isabel Gabbe

Univ.-Prof. for Piano & Piano Didactics

Department Head
Deputy Director of Studies
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