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  • Illustration einer Trompete
    New University Council of the Mozarteum University Salzburg 

    The University Council of the Mozarteum University for the functional period 2023 to 2028 is now complete. Thomas Rietschel, M.A. and Sarah Wedl-Wilson, MA (Cantab) were elected by the Senate of the Mozarteum University. The Federal Ministry of Science and Research appointed Mag.a Silvia Grünberger and Mag.a Rosa Reitsamer to the board. The four nominated members elected Em. o. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Karlheinz Töchterle as the fifth member, who was also elected chairman of the collegial body in May. Rosa Reitsamer was elected as vice-chairman.

  • Sustainability Challenge | © RCE Vienna
    13. Sustainability Challenge 

    The Sustainability Challenge invites master's and advanced bachelor's students from all fields of study to apply for interdisciplinary courses on sustainability with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals, to gain practical experience and ECTS. They work with companies, ministries or NGOs on concrete sustainability projects from the field, while the theoretical input is provided by lecturers from the seven participating universities.

  • Rundgang 2021 | © Fabian Schober

    Actively shaping university life: From 1 June to 31 July 2023, students at the Mozarteum University will once again have their say. With the online evaluation, they have the opportunity to express their opinion on the quality of teaching, studying and the university's service facilities.

  • Weil es so viele sind. Kunst am Bau von Elisabeth Schmirl

    The artistic work of Elisabeth Schmirl, lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts and Design at the Innsbruck location, turns the spacious staircase of the Unicorn - opened in 2021 as a start-up and innovation hub of the University of Graz - into a multi-perspective space for encounters, remembrance and commemoration.

  • Korrespondenzen- Exkursion [Bildnerische] | © Lisa Wieder
    Correspondences: Excursion of the [Fine Arts] to Linz 

    Over a period of five weeks, students from the [Bildnerische] Innsbruck and the Linz Art University wrote letters to each other. The regular exchange resulted in a collaborative collection of image/text combinations, which was presented as part of the exhibition COLLECTING! at Splace am Hauptplatz in Linz. The participating students Janine Zumtobel, Sonja Plattner, Angela Brugger, Özge Can and Mirjam Rizzi were invited to Linz on 19 April for a joint artist talk about the project and reflected on their project together with students from the Linz Art University.

    Student project
  • Abschlusskonzert Blasorchesterleitung 2021

    The training in cooperation between the Mozarteum University and the Salzburg Wind Music Association is financially supported by the province of Salzburg until 2028.

  • Elementare Musik- & Tanzpädagogik - Orff-Institut | © Fabian Schober
    Alumni Meeting at the Orff Institute 

    Over 100 former students and faculty from various cohorts will return to their alma mater on May 5 & 6. The reunion will take place at the ORFF Institute with live music and offers opportunities for info, experience and material exchange, singing and dancing together, open workshops and most importantly, seeing familiar faces again. Even those on short notice are welcome!