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The Mozarteum University is characterized by a leading art and music research that stands the test of time. It is rooted in creative and innovative practice in collaboration with partners* in business and industry, in a focus on addressing today's global challenges, and in collaboration between different disciplines.

Research projects

  • Detail eines Notenbuchs | © David Beale

    In the meeting with selected experts from the South-East Asian choral scene (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines), the long-term aim is to develop an interdisciplinary and practice-oriented training of choral teachers (school music, IGP (school music, IGP, choral conducting).

    Research project
  • 1.10.2022
    "Silent Night" through the ages 

    Tracing the topicality of content and music: Under the leadership of the Forum Salzburger Volkskultur, a project was started to record the textual and musical variants of Silent Night! Holy Night!, which is jointly supervised by Wolfgang Dreier-Andres for the Salzburger Volksliedwerk and Thomas Hochradner of the Mozarteum University for the Silent Night Society.

    Research project

Doctoral Programs


  • Tisch mit Mikrofon | © Stadt Salzburg

  • Collage mit einem schwarz-weiß Porträtfoto einer Frau und einem Gruppenfoto mit fünf Menschen
    Awards of the Research Competition Mozarteum 2022 

    And the Winner Is ... the Mozarteum 2022 Research Competition has been decided! This year's award for particularly successful artistic-scientific research proposals goes to Heike Henning for her collaborative project proposal "Rethinking and Innovating Choral Musicking in the Digital Space", which is currently being prepared for submission to the Austrian Science Fund FWF in cooperation with the University of Liechtenstein and the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.

    Awards & Successes
  • Lachende Studierende | © Fabian Schober
    Controlled loss of control 

    With the project "With Dylan On The Road" the Mozarteum University together with The International Society of Mozarteum University Salzburg offers students the unique opportunity to go on a journey with a scholarship in their luggage to develop art projects inspired by Bob Dylan.

    Student project
  • Weite, flache Landschaft, Wolken am Himmel, Silhouette eines Menschen in der Mitte
    With Dylan on the Road - Bringing it all back home 

    Inspired by the polyartist Bob Dylan and his approaches of appropriation and transformation, nine artistic-explorative teams of two from the Mozarteum University were on the road in South Africa, the US, Mexico, Europe and Latin America during the first half of 2022. The results are nine art projects that will be premiered on October 14 and 15 as part of Jazz & The City, accompanied by a symposium "Inspired by ... commemorating 60 Years of Bob Dylan.".

    Student project

Research Support

The research management of the University Mozarteum supports scientists in their research activities and networks the diverse agendas of scientific and artistic research internally and externally. Here, processes and procedures are coordinated and optimized, and the visibility of internal university research is strengthened.

With regular events, in discussions and mailings, the research management informs about calls for proposals, current developments and discourses in the national, European and international research funding landscape.

We provide advice and support in the development and submission of applications for artistic-scientific projects, funding awards, research grants, act as an interface to funding institutions and offer regular information on topics relevant to research and research funding.

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Fundings & Tenders

The maximum funding amount per project is Euro 1.500,-  Eligible to apply are persons with a valid employment relationship with the Mozarteum University.

An application consists of:

  • Written description of the project and its research relevance.
  • A description of why the project cannot be financed, or cannot be financed in its entirety, from other funds (e.g. from the departmental budget).
  • Detailed justification of the costs requested via the RFM (excluding material, third-party and travel costs).


It can be submitted on an ongoing basis by mail (addressed to Currently, the Fund's resources are renewed annually; when the resources of a calendar year are exhausted, it is not possible to apply again until the following year.

A maximum of two RFM applications per person per year are allowed. The selection is made by the Research Management and requires the approval of the Vice Rectorate. This applies in particular to projects for which funding commitments from other internal funds of the Mozarteum University already exist.