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  • Detail eines Notenbuchs | © David Beale

    In the meeting with selected experts from the South-East Asian choral scene (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines), the long-term aim is to develop an interdisciplinary and practice-oriented training of choral teachers (school music, IGP (school music, IGP, choral conducting).

    Research project
  • 1.10.2022
    "Silent Night" through the ages 

    Tracing the topicality of content and music: Under the leadership of the Forum Salzburger Volkskultur, a project was started to record the textual and musical variants of Silent Night! Holy Night!, which is jointly supervised by Wolfgang Dreier-Andres for the Salzburger Volksliedwerk and Thomas Hochradner of the Mozarteum University for the Silent Night Society.

    Research project
  • Logo mit blauem Quadrat, Schriftzug Wissenstransfer West | © Wissenstransfer West
    From STEM to STEAM 

    Building on the experience of the two previous funding periods, in which most partner organisations were already involved, transfer formats in the STEAM area are being developed for the target groups of employees at the knowledge and technology transfer interfaces, researchers, students, graduates and stakeholders in the (creative) economy. The aim here is to build bridges between STEM disciplines and the artistic-creative sector.

    Research project
  • Nahaufnahme von engmaschigem grauem Gewebe | © Gertrud Fischbacher, Marius Schebella
    Nexus of textile and sound 

    The research project investigates the combination of textile and sound. The aesthetic potential of the textile-sound combination is explored and new possibilities of artistic expression are explored. Textile is an interactive medium and metaphor in its form of presentation and interpretation. Textile is material that uses certain techniques without naming the material or technology itself, similar to architecture. The term sound encompasses the artistic fields of sound art, music, ambient noise, transacoustic fields and silence. Sound is based on a conceptual compositional process in terms of the organisation of sounds, but also has a physical aspect in that the perception of sound is strongly linked to bodily processes such as breath, movement and heart rate.

    Research project
  • 21.1.2021

    Grenzklang is a project based in Tyrol and unique in the entire German-speaking region, which on the one hand offers children of Persian origin an opportunity to promote singing and music-making, while at the same time enabling a connection to their culture and being open to children of all nationalities as well as music of pluralistic cultures. On the other hand, Grenzklang is a practical training programme for future music teachers. This joint intercultural learning envisaged in the project ideally leads to an attitude of all participants, which is the basis for social progress and enables teaching and learning in diversity, equality and democracy. It thus functions as a model for further (music) pedagogical and intercultural offers. Synergy is an essential feature and Grenzklang contributes to strengthening the cultural identity of all participants.

    Research project