Nexus of Textile and Sound

Research project
Nahaufnahme von engmaschigem grauem Gewebe | © Gertrud Fischbacher, Marius Schebella

Exploring commonalities, correlations and differences leads to new insights and perspectives in the nexus of the two non-visual disciplines. For example, what is an acoustic curtain, what is the textile analog of a frequency? What is a harsh, itchy sound and what is a loud screaming fabric? How do both art forms deal with spaces, with interaction, how can they be conceptually interwoven and connected, or: how can Smart Materials be used to create a new understanding of our world?

Project management
Gertrud Fischbacher (Department of Fine Arts & Design)

Project partner
Marius Schebella, FH Salzburg, MultiMediaArt

Funding body
Fwf | PEEK

01.06.2022 to 31.05.2025

Textile is an interactive medium and metaphor in its form of presentation and interpretation. Textile is material that uses certain techniques without naming the material or technology itself, similar to architecture. The term sound encompasses the artistic domains of sound art, music, ambient noise, transacoustic domains, and silence. Sound is based on a conceptual composition process in terms of the organization of sounds, but also has a physical aspect in that the perception of sound is strongly linked to physical processes such as breath, movement and heart rate. Interface in the connection of textile and sound are smart textiles in interfaces, garments or architecture. Using sensors and microprocessors, interactions with materials are used to link them to sound properties and musical parameters. Digital sensor technology enables qualities of the material and interaction to be transferred to sounds and vice versa.

In the combination of textile and auditory art practice, tactile and haptic experiences are transformed and interpreted into sounds, and touch is made audible. The results are not only publications but also concerts, interactive installations and performances.

Nexus von Textil und Sound bei der ETHO Conference Pick & Mix (Opens in new tab)

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