Frequently Asked Questions

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Prospective students

You can find all studies and courses in the study finder.

Mozarteum offers regular degree programmes as well as various university courses.

The regular degree programmes include Bacgelor's and Master's programmes as well as (rarely) diploma programmes in the following areas:

  • concert studies (instrumental/voice)
  • artistic studies (composition, conducting, stage design, directing, ...)
  • instrumental & vocal pedagogy (IGP)
  • teacher training prgrammes in the subjects of music education (ME), instrumental music education (IME), art education (BE) as well as design: technology.textile (GTT)

Many instruments are taught in the concert studies as well as in IGP and ME/IME. The choice should be made according to which career is preferred. More detailed informatipn on the possible professional fields for each degree programme is listed on the respective study page.

The university courses include:

  • postgraduate university courses (PGL) in various instruments or for example conducting, music theory or voice
  • courses in Pre-College Salzburg (instrument/voice/composition)
  • further university courses (ULG) such as wind orchestra conducting, music theatre mediation of children's and youth choir management

In addition, it is possible to attend single academic-theoretical lessons as an extraordinary student upon application.


You can find initial information on the page of the desired study program/course. Under Downloads you can find out about the legal regulations as well as study contents in the curriculum. You can find the study pages in the study finder.

Yes, in general it is possible to attend selected courses as a non-degree programme student and, if interested, to take the examinations. An entrance examination is not necessary.

In order to be admitted to a non-degree programme, an application must be submitted to attend individual courses. However, only academic-theoretical courses are available for selection, depending on availability and capacity. Participation in artistic-practical courses, language courses, composition and aural training is not possible.

The application must be made by using the application form, it must be submitted to the Study and Examination Management (in person or by email to The desired courses must be listed on the application form and the signatures of the teachers are also required.

Once the application has been approved, it is possible to attend the courses and take the examinations within one semester. Information on enrolment will be sent to you by e-mail.

Extraordinary students who attend individual courses as guest students must pay the ÖH fee and the normal tuition fee (€363.36) per semester, regardless of their nationality.

Information on semester fees can be found here.

Information can be found at or and under Financial & Scholarships.

The requirements differ depending on the course of study. For all studies and courses, an admission test must first be taken to prove artistic aptitude, which usually also includes proof of German language proficiency. For teacher training programs, the general university entrance qualification is also required.

If you are applying for a master's degree or a postgraduate course, you will also need to have completed the relevant previous studies (a bachelor's degree or master's degree in a suitable subject).

You will find detailed information for each study program on the respective study pages.

Attention: If you have already completed a degree programme, the same degree programme cannot be completed again! 
Example: completed study BA Violoncello (artistic) -> no renewed artistic bachelor study in the same instrument possible!  However, you could apply for any other bachelor study (artistic, pedagogical, other instrument) or for an artistic master study Violoncello.

The language of instruction at the Mozarteum University Salzburg is German for almost all studies. The only exceptions are the master's programme Applied Theatre and the doctoral programme PhD in the Arts, for which English language skills are required. Information on the required language level can be found here: German & English proficiency

For the postgraduate university courses no proof of German is necessary, here only lessons in the central artistic subject are given.

Admission examinations take place only once a year, for most studies in the summer semester. It is therefore recommended that you start your studies in the following winter semester. If this is not possible for you, a postponement of the start of studies to the following summer semester is also conceivable after consultation with the teacher and approval by the Rectorate. Please report this during the general admission period at the latest, so that the study places can be distributed accordingly.

An exception are the diploma studies in directing and acting, for which the admission procedure takes place in winter. Studies then begin in the following summer semester.

Yes, you can attend lectures before you start your degree programme. However, it is not possible to attend group or individual lessons. To be on the safe side, contact the lecturer before your visit and ask whether it is possible to attend the course once to get to know the university.

Attending lectures with subsequent participation in examinations is with costs and only possible as an extraordinary student upon application. You can find more information HERE.

Depending on the programme, bachelor's, master's, or (rarely) diploma degrees can be earned. In addition, there are also doctoral studies. Specific information on which degrees are offered can be found in the study finder. There you can filter the list of studies by degree.

Yes, for example in the ERASMUS program. You can get information about the possible mobility programs from the International Office.

If you are already studying at the Mozarteum University Salzburg and would like to participate in a mobility program, please also contact the International Office:

Study in Salzburg

Yes, there are several dormitories for students in Salzburg. For more information, feel free to visit our page "Living in Salzburg"! There you will find a list of dormitories as well as other useful tips.

No. However, for students under 26 years of age, the "Klimaticket Salzburg Student" is available for purchase. 

Yes, there are several Mensa restaurants and buffets at the Salzburg university campus. Here, products are mainly sourced from local suppliers and processed further. In addition to the Mensa moi'zeit in the main building (Mirabellplatz 1), you can also visit the other locations. Location overview and offer of meals:

Yes, students may use the offers of the University Sports Institute (USI) at the student rate. The USI offers a wide range of sports for students, university employees and external persons. Timely registration is required for all courses. The current offer as well as further information can be found here.

You can also use the UFZ (USI Fitness Center), where special rates apply.

Admission test

No. For all regular studies at the Mozarteum University Salzburg an admission examination to determine artistic aptitude must be passed.

Yes, only for the teacher training programs (Fine Arts Education, Design:Technology.Textiles, Music Education and Instrumental Music Education) the general university entrance qualification is an important admission requirement. All other studies and courses do not require a general university entrance qualification; only proof of artistic aptitude is decisive there.

Yes, even if you change your place of study, you have to take the admission test. In the application form you can indicate that you have already started your studies at another university and would like to continue them at the Mozarteum University Salzburg. Please upload your Transcript of Records of your current studies in the application, your studies can then be at least partially recognized and you will be able to start from a higher semester.

The number of study places is limited and depends mainly on the free capacities of the teachers in the Central Artistic Subject (ZKF). These vary depending on the number of graduates in the current year. If not enough prospective students pass the entrance examination, it can also happen that study places remain free and are not allocated again until the following year. The admission situation therefore changes annually.

There is a fixed number in the Diploma Program in Acting, where 10 new students can be admitted per cohort.

The percentage of successful applications varies greatly depending on the study program, therefore no general statement can be made. For some studies, only 3-10% of the applicants receive a place, while in other studies it can be over 80%. Quantitatively, the competition is particularly high in the diploma program in acting as well as in the bachelor's and master's programs in piano and voice. In the teacher training programs, on the other hand, a large proportion of applicants pass the entrance examination. Here too, however, there are clear differences between the individual artistic majors.

It is certain that only those who take the entrance examination can be admitted to the program. Therefore, feel free to register, even if you are unsure whether you will pass the exam. In the worst case, you will have gained important experience through your participation, which will increase your chances in the next application procedure.

The examination requirements of the next admission examinations are usually updated on the study pages around the turn of the year.

If the current information is not yet available, you can read through the examination requirements of the past admission procedure in advance. These will give you a good insight, because the requirements usually change only slightly, if at all.

Yes, in principle it is possible to apply for several studies at the same time. Please note, however, that double applications for the same study program in Instrumental (Voice) Pedagogy (IGP) at the two different Mozarteum locations Innsbruck and Salzburg are not possible.

If you receive acceptances for several study places, you are free to decide whether and how many of the places you accept, as long as the studies are located at the same site. It is not possible to be enrolled at the Mozarteum locations in Innsbruck and Salzburg at the same time!

With a passed admission exam, you are entitled to enrol in the semester immediately following the exam, possibly with additional conditions that will be communicated to you when you receive your notification. If this is not possible for you, a postponement of the start of studies to the following semester is also possible after consultation with the lecturers and approval by the Rectorate. Please notify us of this during the general admission period at the latest, so that the study places can be distributed accordingly.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to save up the study place for a later enrolment; the examination expires after one year. Therefore, if you do not apply for the study place in time, but still want to study at the Mozarteum University Salzburg, it is necessary to participate in the admission procedure again.

Example: Admission examination in summer 2023 -> start of studies in winter semester 2023/24 or on application in summer semester 2024; new examination necessary for winter semester 2024/25

The registration period for most admission exams (instrumental studies) is from February 1st to 28th 2024. The application for pedagogical studies as well as Pre-College is from 1st February to 28th March 2024.  Exceptions are the diploma studies Acting and Directing (November/December). Dates are published before the start of the registration period and can be found here.

The application takes place via our online portal.

After your application documents have been reviewed by us, you will receive a message and (if everything is complete) we will register you for the entrance examination.

Depending on the type of study or course you are applying for, different documents are required. The documents to be submitted are announced on the study pages.

After receiving your application, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. Subsequently, your documents will be checked by us within approx. 4 weeks. After that, you will be informed by us via e-mail whether your documents are complete. If any documents are missing, we will draw your attention to this and ask you to supply the documents as soon as possible.

You can find out whether an application video is required for your desired study program on the corresponding study page.
In every case the IGP and teacher training studies don't require an application video.

The relevant information is updated annually. Therefore, to be on the safe side, check back during the application period to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

The application video must be uploaded to a video platform of your own choice and inserted as an accessible link in the application form. Further information on the technical requirements can be found here: Application Video

You can change the content of your application and exchange documents until the end of the application deadline. After that, processing will be blocked for all applicants for the time being.

After the results of the video review have been determined, the processing of the test programs for some studies will probably be reopened as of May 1. You will be informed by e-mail whether this applies to your desired study program. Otherwise, you can contact the department secretariat to change the program; the contact address can be found on the studies page. In any case, it is no longer possible to change the program in the last two weeks before the date of the admission examination!

After your documents and the completeness of your application have been checked, you will receive an e-mail from us informing you that you are registered for the admission test or will participate in the video viewing.

If the examination dates and locations are not specified on the study page or in the schuedule, you will be informed by e-mail before the examination by the respective departmental secretariat as to when and where you should be on the day of the examination. The contact address for queries can be found on the study page.

The exact time schedules are usually announced on the day of the exam itself by notices posted on site. 

The entrance examination takes place in presence in Salzburg, online participation is not possible. Only individual parts of the examination (video viewing and ZOOM interviews, if indicated on the study page) do not require presence in Salzburg.

Attendance at the respective date of the examination in the Central Artistic Subject (ZKF) is necessary in any case. In exceptional cases, some of the other partial examinations can be taken in another week, provided that the necessary capacities are available. If you have to make use of this, please contact in advance to arrange attendance on an alternative date.

Participation in the examination in the Central Artistic Subject (ZKF) is required in all cases.

The sub-examinations Music Theory and Aural Training as well as Compulsory Piano/Harpsichord can be waived if you are enrolled in a specific Bachelor's program at the time of the admission examination or have graduated from a specific Bachelor's programme within the last three years. Which studies are eligible for this is regulated in the respective implementation guidelines of the individual studies and can be read there.

Information on German language proficiency can be found here: German & English proficiency
If you have already proven the required level for your previous studies, no new proof needs to be submitted.

Study achievements can generally not be used as a substitute for partial examinations. Recognition of academic achievements for the entrance examination is NOT possible.
For reasons of fairness and comparability, all applicants must take part in all partial examinations. The only exceptions are Mozarteum students in certain fields of study - these exceptions are regulated in the implementation guidelines of the respective degree programme.

Passed partial examinations of application procedures at other universities can also NOT be used as substitute performances.

In your online application, you can indicate that you need a confirmation of registration to apply for the visa. You will then receive a conditional admission notice with an official signature from us by e-mail, which will allow you to take the admission exam.

After you have passed the admission exam, you can request a confirmation of having passed the admission exam and being admitted to the Mozarteum University Salzburg, which will be used to apply for the student residence permit. If you are already applying for the visa in your home country, the confirmation will enable you to take care of the further visa procedure from Austria in a simplified way.  

Please bring a valid photo ID or passport to the exam.

No. All those whose first language is German do not need to bring any proof. For all others it is regulated at which time which language level has to be proven. Information on this and a list of valid proofs can be found here: German & English proficiency

Notification is generally made by e-mail. The results of the video review are expected to be communicated until the end of April, the results of the admission test usually within 1-2 weeks. In individual cases (e.g. changes in the composition of the teaching staff) there may be delays. If you still have not received feedback after 3 weeks, please feel free to contact us via email.

Unfortunately, rejections cannot be avoided due to the number of applications and in no way mean that you lack the necessary talent. Take the experience you have gained during the admissions process with you to continue working on yourself. Feel free to reapply next year - you may find that the admissions situation is quite different!

Teacher Education Studies

If you have applied for a secondary (general education) teacher education program and completed the general admission process, but failed the arts admission exam, you have the option of being admitted to another teaching subject at an institution in the respective developmental cluster until the end of the admission period.

You can register to the arts admission exam again in the following year.

There is no official waiting list at the Mozarteum University Salzburg. However, if there are more applicants at the appropriate level than available study places, a waiting list is sometimes set up. In case of cancellations of study places by new students, the next listed applicants will then move up.

You will find out whether there is a waiting list for your desired study program and whether you are listed there in the confirmation e-mail after you have passed the admission test. You will then be informed immediately (by September 30 at the latest) if your admission situation changes.

You can accept the study place within the general admission period (until September 5 in the winter semester or until February 5 in the summer semester) . In individual cases, enrollment is also possible until October 31 (winter semester) or March 31 (summer semester). However, we would appreciate an early response as to whether you will accept the study place in order to be able to plan better.

There is no requirement regarding the cancellation of study places. However, we appeal to your fairness so that study places can be passed on to prospective students on the waiting list if necessary! Therefore, please inform us as soon as possible after receipt of the examination result that you wish to return the study place. If you do not enrol in time, your place will be forfeited.

In order to be admitted next year, you would then have to take another entrance examination.

Admission examinations take place only once a year, for most studies in the summer semester. It is therefore recommended that you start your studies in the following winter semester. If this is not possible for you, a postponement of the start of studies to the following summer semester is also conceivable after consultation with the teacher and approval by the Rectorate. Please report this during the general admission period at the latest so that the study places can be distributed accordingly.

If you neither enrol during the general admission period nor have arranged for a later start of studies, your admission examination will be forfeited. In order to begin studies at the Mozarteum University Salzburg, a new admission examination would then be necessary.

Entry into the study

You can enroll during the admission periods at the Servicepoint, Mirabellplatz 1 or at the office of the Study and Examination Management, Makartplatz 5, 3rd floor. The opening hours are Mon-Fri, 10:00-12:00.

To reduce waiting time we recommend to ask for an appointment at

Pre-registration is available online at this link and instructions can be found here.

In the notification e-mail about your admission you will be informed which documents are necessary. As a rule, these are a valid passport/ID card (original + copy), the completed registration form (available at Downloads), if necessary the proof of German & English proficiency (original + copy) as well as the final certificates of admission-relevant previous studies (original + copy, possibly translation). The certificate documents must comply with the certification regulations.

The payment can be made no later than October 31 (winter semester) or March 31 (summer semester). However, please note: The registration of the payment takes approx. 3 working days! Only then you are officially registered in MOZonline for the semester and the respective study program. However, this continued registration is the basic prerequisite for being able to register for courses. Therefore, please transfer the fees early enough to be able to register for the courses in time. The beginning and end of the current registration period can be found here.

You will receive your student ID card when you enrol (see "When and where can I enrol?"). However, it can only be validly set when your payment (ÖH fee, if applicable tuition or course fee) has been registered. Therefore, you should take care of the payment immediately after enrolment!

When pre-registering for studies (basic account), you can upload your own photo. If you do not have one available, we will take a photo of you free of charge before creating your ID card. It is not necessary to bring a passport photo.

  • Booking of practice rooms, for which it serves as a key
  • Access to some Mozarteum buildings
  • Library card for the university library
  • Copy card (loading money for printing and copying via the "Moneyloader" in the main building)

In addition, students with the card often get discounts in Salzburg stores and pubs. No matter if bar, bakery or cinema: show your card and ask for student discount!

MOZonline is the online platform for administration, information provision and presentation of the Mozarteum University Salzburg.

In MOZonline you can, among other things:

  • register for courses
  • change your study and home address
  • view the tuition fee status
  • download study sheet and study confirmation
  • download study time confirmations
  • download course certificates
  • download proof of study success

Link to MOZonline

At the earliest three days after your enrolment you can activate your student account here. You will receive all the necessary information and the PIN code when you enrol. After that, you can always log in here with your matriculation number (username) and the password you set up yourself.

Yes, all students automatically receive their own study email address (MOZ mail) once they have activated their account. The login details are identical to those for MOZonline. You can access your e-mails via Microsoft Outlook.

Attention: For data protection reasons, the MOZ mail address must be used for all inquiries to staff/teaching staff from the time your own account is activated!

Check your mailbox regularly - e-mails from the Mozarteum University Salzburg will only be sent to the MOZ mail address!

If you want to pursue a teaching degree in the Central Cluster, you only need to enrol at PLUS. Approximately 4 working days after payment of the ÖH fee and, if applicable, the tuition fee, your data will be transferred to us. Then you can get the PIN code to activate the account (MOZonline) as well as a student ID card of the Mozarteum. You will get both from us at the Servicepoint or in the Course and Examination Management.

Dates and deadlines for the current and following semesters can be found here.

Your student ID card also serves as your library card. You will get your student ID at the enrolment.

Course registration

You will find a detailed overview of the courses to be taken including semester recommendations in the curriculum.

In MOZonline you can also view a semester plan, here the courses are arranged according to their semester recommendations. To access this view, log in to MOZonline. Open student files and click on the curriculum version. Now click on semester schedule. Note that Free Electives are listed separately in this overview because they do not have a semester recommendation.

Yes, you must decide for yourself which courses you want to take each semester.

The deadlines for registering for courses can be found in the semester dates

Within the registration deadlines, you can register for courses yourself in MOZonline. Log in to MOZonline. Open the student file and click on the curriculum version. You will now see the Curriculum Support for your program. Click on the individual modules to view the courses. Click on the course you wish to view. If there are multiple instructors to choose from, select the one you want and register on your own.

If you do not want to/are unable to attend a course despite prior registration  or if you have already missed 3 dates in the current semester, please deregister IMMEDIATELY, no later than 24.10.23, as falling short of the minimum attendance of 80% is considered an examination drop and will be graded negatively. To deregister, send an email from your MOZ email address with your name, matriculation number, study, LV title, instructor and the subject "LV-Abmeldung" to:

Course registration after the deadline is not possible. Without timely registration in Mozonline, no courses can be taken and thus no certificates can be issued.

If you have enrolled after the course registration deadline, please contact the departmental secretariat responsible for your studies.

Attendance of at least 80% is compulsory for courses that are subject to examinations. Courses that are not subject to examinations do not have compulsory attendance. Whether a course is subject to examinations can be seen in the course description in MOZonline. A good indication is: lectures are not subject to examinations, all other courses are subject to examinations.

The curriculum is issued by the responsible Curriculum Commission (CK) and the Senate in the form of an ordinance and forms the legal basis of your studies . In addition to the qualification profile, the curriculum contains the necessary admission requirements, the content, the duration and the structure of a study program. Furthermore, the curriculum contains the examination regulations. All curricula of the Mozarteum University Salzburg are available on the website under the respective studies. 

The curriculum provides information about

  • the courses to be completed (e.g. compulsory subjects, electives, free electives) together with the course types, semester hours per week (SWS) and ECTS credits (European Credit Transfer System)
  • specified for the respective study program, the examinations to be completed (e.g. course examinations, commission) and the examination regulations.Examinations (e.g. course examinations, commission examinations, commission final examinations such as bachelor's, master's, diploma examinations, viva voce examinations),
  • the written work to be completed (bachelor's, master's, diploma theses, dissertations),
  • the recommended time sequence per semester

Depending on the curriculum, compulsory subjects, electives and free electives are defined:

  • compulsory subjects are courses that are mandatory for graduation and must be taken by all students in the programme according to the curriculum.
  • Electives (or compulsory electives) are courses that are mandatory for graduation, but can be chosen from a pool of courses (e.g. elective list in the bachelor's program in concert performance). The type and extent of electives to be taken are specified in the curriculum.
  • Free electives are courses that are mandatory for the degree, but can be chosen completely freely (as long as there are no restrictions in the curriculum). The extent of the electives to be taken is determined in the curriculum. In principle, all courses offered at a domestic or foreign recognized post-secondary educational institution (e.g. university, college, recognized conservatory, etc.) can be taken as free electives, provided there is no restriction on the number of participants or special admission requirements have to be met.

Note: All courses taken outside the Mozarteum University Salzburg must be recognized for the respective study program at the Mozarteum.

The courses offered in the respective semester of all curricula are recorded online in the course offerings of the Mozarteum University Salzburg. In addition to information such as the title, type and content of the courses, information on the respective lecturers, location and dates, as well as registration and examination modalities are also available there.

Students register for courses themselves at the beginning of each semester via MOZonline. The registration deadlines as well as instructions for correct registration are sent each semester to the Mozarteum e-mail addresses of all students: (firstname(s).lastname(s)

Help with problems with the MOZ mail account is provided by the service desk of the Mozarteum University Salzburg:

Courses (LV) must be completed in accordance with the curriculum, i.e. in accordance with the specifications for LV title, LV type, SWS and ECTS-AP specified in the respective curriculum and with the lecturers specified and assigned for this in MOZonline.

This ensures that the requirements specified for the degree are met, that the courses offered are used efficiently, and that incorrect registrations are avoided. Only if registration conforms to the curriculum will the courses be correctly displayed in MOZonline and the completed ECTS credits be assigned according to the curriculum.

The timely and independent registration as well as the control of the registered courses at the beginning of the semester and the issued certificates at the end of the semester is the responsibility of the students!

The following applies to all students (with the exception of the Diploma Programme in Conducting, Pre-College Salzburg and the Extraordinary Studies/AO):

  • In your business card in MOZonline, click on the link "Student file" under the heading Studies and then under the heading Curriculum versions, click on the corresponding link, e.g. "19W", "21W", etc., for the respective study to be registered.
  • In Curriculum Support you will now see your respective study programme. By clicking on the respective study programme, you can open the modules and courses to be completed.
  • In addition to compulsory subjects and electives, a selection of free electives can also be registered independently.
    Note: Please clarify directly with the lecturer whether the number of participants in the respective free elective is limited or whether special admission requirements must be met.
  • Now click on the desired course. If there is more than one instructor to choose from, select the desired instructor and register on your own.
  • For the view of the individual semesters, it is recommended to switch from the view "Study plan" to the view "Semester plan" in the upper right corner.

In case of problems with the independent registration in MOZonline, please contact the respective secretariat, preferably by e-mail, stating name, matriculation number, study programme, course number/title/type/level, teacher.

You can find the responsible office in the detailed view of the desired course (click on the course title - then click on "Contact" under Organization).

If you cannot find courses or semester levels of courses for which you want/need to register, please also contact the relevant secretariat. There you will find out whether the course will be held, or whether special registration requirements have to be met, or whether the course is valid for your degree program and the desired teacher has been entrusted by the Vice Rectorate for Teaching to hold the course for your curriculum.

The assignment of the course to the respective study program (i.e. the validity for the respective curriculum) can be found in the detailed view of the desired course (click on course title - then click on "compulsory subject/elective subject" under position in the study plan).

The course offer can be found in MOZonline as a Free Elective (FWF) under "German as a Foreign Language".  
Winter semester: A1, A2+, B1+ (registration from mid-September)
Summer semester: A2, B1, B2 (registration from mid-February)

The fees for a 4-hour course are 50 € per semester, textbooks have to be paid by the student.

Registration is done by transferring the course fee to the Mozarteum account with the following details: 
UniCredit Bank Austria AG
IBAN: AT38 1100009953258200
Reference number/payment purpose: German course "Semester xxx", "Niveau xxx", name and matriculation number

Please register in time, courses are often fully booked at short notice!

Additional information as well as course rules can be found here.

No. Bachelor's students are not permitted to bring forward courses/modules of the Master's programme. Bachelor's and master's studies are independent studies, whereby the master's studies build on the bachelor's studies and serve to expand or deepen them. Therefore, the legal requirements for a valid continuation registration are not fulfilled for taking modules/courses from the Master's programme. Examinations taken outside the scope of a continuation notification are absolutely void.

Inform the teacher of the course.

In the case of courses that are immanent to examinations (at least 80% attendance required), the instructor is responsible for checking attendance. For important reasons (in particular illness, care of children and relatives in need of care) the minimum attendance time may be fallen short of. The instructor may request appropriate proof.

During the study

You can find the payment information for the ÖH and tuition fee in MOZonline under "Tuition Fees".

The payment information for courses can be found here.

In MOZonline you can download the following documents by yourself after logging in:

  • Studienblatt (record of studies)
  • Studienbestätigung (confirmation of registration)
  • Studienzeitbestätigung (confirmation of academic semesters)

You will find them after clicking on the menu item "Enrolment Documents".

In addition, it is possible to downloads transcripts at "Transcripts".

Regular students will be credited with a weekly time allotment that can be used to reserve rooms. The following steps must be followed when booking:

  1. Book room online at (access data identical to MOZonline)
  2. Open room with student ID (to do so, hold ID briefly against the fitting above the door handle)
  3. Practice (During practice time, the room can be left at any time and reopened with the student ID)
  4. After practicing, hold the ID card to the black exit reader next to the door to end practice time. Any remaining practice time will be credited back.


  • If the reservation is not made without cancelling it, the entire reserved contingent will be debited!
  • If the reservation is not started within the first 15 minutes, the entire booked time will be deducted from the contingent. The room will be displayed as free after the 15 minutes and available for booking by other persons.
  • After the booked time has expired, the room can no longer be opened.

If you have any questions regarding the room reservation, please contact:

The weekly time allotment for the over rooms depends on your studies. How much you have available for that week can be seen on the room reservation page. The new quota will be posted to your account every Monday at 6:00 am.

Unfortunately, no. The practice rooms are already very busy and therefore reserved for regular students. You can find out about rooms available at short notice from the porter (Mirabellplatz 1, first floor).

Students are legally obliged to keep their address details up to date and to report any changes. The new data can be changed independently in MOZonline at Current/Home address (house symbol). Proof (registration form or similar) is not required.

The study indicators can be seen HERE.

Positively assessed examinations and other academic achievements, activities, qualifications (such as scientific, artistic and professional activities) shall be recognized pursuant to § 78 UG if there are no significant differences with regard to the competences (learning outcomes) acquired (e.g. recognition of courses and examinations taken at a recognized post-secondary educational institution or e.g. recognition of internships and artistic/scientific/educational activities completed at institutions and facilities outside the university). Upon application of regular students who wish to complete parts of their studies abroad, it must be determined in advance by means of a decision which of the planned examinations and other study achievements will be recognized (e.g. recognition of Erasmus stays).

The following applies to the recognition of examinations, other academic achievements, activities and qualifications:

  • Recognition is granted upon application by the student.
  • The recognition of examinations, other academic achievements, activities and qualifications already completed before admission must be applied for by the end of the second semester (!) at the latest.
  • The documents necessary for the assessment  shall be attached to the application by the applicant. Recognition shall be granted by decision of the body responsible for study matters (at the Mozarteum University by the Director of Studies) within two months after receipt of the application.
  • The recognition as an examination  shall be deemed to be the taking of the examination and positive assessment of the corresponding examination prescribed in the curriculum in the study program for which the recognition is given.
  • Recognized examinations, other academic achievements, activities and qualifications shall be indicated with the designation "recognized" including the number of those  ECTS credits  provided in the curriculum for the recognized examination or other academic achievement.

For inquiries, information and forms, please contact the Department of the Director of Studies/Bologna Process by e-mail:

The review of the documents including clarification and issuance of the recognition takes 6-8 weeks until the final decision (from the submission of the application including all complete documents). Processing takes place according to the date of receipt of the applications for recognition. The notification will be sent to the Moz e-mail address, and the decision will be stored in the student file in MOZonline.

In addition to the application form, the respective individual certificates (or a complete overview of subjects and grades/transcript of records) including information on the course title, examination date, examination grade, SWS/ECTS-AP and an official description of the respective course must be submitted.

In the case of artistic/scientific/educational activities, the relevant official evidence of the type, scope/duration and extent of the completed activity of the respective establishment/institution outside the university must be submitted.

In the case of foreign documents, in addition to the respective original, an official translation of the documents in German or English as well as, if applicable, a corresponding apostille in accordance with the Hague Certification Convention must be attached (for certification regulations, see here).

In principle, a change is possible with the consent of the current ZKF teacher and the desired future ZKF teacher. The application for a change of teacher is available here and must be signed and handed in to the Study and Examination Management. After approval of the application by the rectorate, you will be notified by MOZ mail about the result and the further procedure.

In case of problems with the initial activation of the student account (PIN code), please contact the Study and Examination Management:

Other problems that the Study and Examination Management can help with are:

  • Queries regarding the receipt of payment for tuition, ÖH and course fees
  • Further registration for the new semester
  • Printing of certificates
  • Changes to master data

If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Password Self Service" function on the login page. If you have not changed your password in time and are therefore no longer able to log in, please contact the service desk for a new password:

The student ID card can be used as a copy card. The following steps must be performed:

  1. If no print credit is available: Recharge the student card at the Moneyloader (Mirabellplatz 1 or Frohnburgweg 55) or online via 
  2. Send the print job by selecting the printer at the university PC or mobile by sending the file via e-mail to (the following documents can be processed: PDF, Word, Powerpoint and e-mail) 
  3. Authentication at the printer by placing the student card on the printer
  4. Print processing via the control panel of the printer


A4 page black and white: 0,05 €
A4 page color: 0,25 €
Scan: free of charge

A theft or loss report and another photo ID must be presented. The new student ID card will be handed out directly at the Service Point as soon as the payment of the duplicate fee (15 €) has been received. The registration of the payment can take up to 3 working days. Please contact us in advance to make an appointment to have your lost ID card blocked:

Bank details for the transfer of the duplicate fee:
Bank Austria
IBAN: AT38 1100 0099 5325 8200
Recipient: Universität Mozarteum Salzburg Reason for
payment: duplicate student card, name, matriculation number

You can seach for your lost items online at the lost and found office (Fundamt):
If no matching search results are available, you can create a loss report there and bring it with you to pick up your new student ID card.

Österreichische Hochschüler*Innenschaft (ÖH Mozarteum)

The Student Union at the Mozarteum University represents the concerns and interests of the students towards the university and state authorities. It has the necessary infrastructure and legal know-how to solve problems of individual students as well as to enforce general student concerns against the authorities.

The ÖH Mozarteum is the first point of contact for students for all questions and problems concerning their studies.

In Austria, there are no independent "examination regulations".

The provisions for the conduct of examinations can be found in the study regulations of the statutes as well as in the curriculum and the implementation guidelines of your study program.

There will be a placement test in the first class session. Be sure to come to this test. This is to find out if the registered course is the right one for you.

With your registration you have bindingly reserved a place in the course. The following rules apply to the German courses:

  • You may be absent a maximum of 6 times during the semester, but you are obligated to re-learn the missed material yourself.
  • If you are absent more than 6 times, you will automatically be excluded from the course.
  • If you arrive later than 15 minutes after class begins or leave earlier than 15 minutes before class ends, you will be considered to have missed the entire class.

To continue a course in the next semester, the following rule applies: You must have positively completed the previous course or positively pass the placement test.

Further information can be found on the information page for the language skills.

WLAN is available at all locations of the Mozarteum University. There are 3 variants:

  • WLAN "MOZ" for university members - matriculation number and password
  • WLAN "MOZguest" for guests - access data from the portals
  • WLAN "eduroam" - and password

WLAN "eduroam"
username: MOZ mail (
Password is the normal MOZonline password.

The MediaLab of the Mozarteum University is a state-of-the-art media room where classes are held, students have the opportunity to work independently and can receive support. In addition, equipment for AV recording and stage sound reinforcement is also lent out there.

Pursuant to § 67 UG 2002, students are to be granted leave of absence upon application for one or more semesters per occasion if the following reasons are proven:

  • Completion of military, educational or civilian service
  • Illness that demonstrably prevents progress in studies
  • Pregnancy
  • Childcare obligations or other similar care obligations
  • Completion of a voluntary social year
  • Temporary impairment in connection with a disability
  • Serious reasons that hinder studies
  • Particularly career-enhancing external commitments (e.g. internship in a professional orchestra, academic position).E.g. internship in a professional orchestra, academic position)

Attention: professional activity or the completion of a second degree are not considered serious reasons hindering studies.

The application for leave of absence, including all necessary documents, must be submitted no later than the beginning of the semester for which the leave of absence is to apply (01.10. or 01.03.), or in the case of unforeseen and unavoidable occurrence of the reason for leave of absence, also during the semester. The (deputy) director of studies decides on the application for leave of absence. The decision on the leave of absence will be sent exclusively to the MOZ e-mail address.

The leave of absence is valid for all studies of the educational institution at which it was applied for or, in the case of jointly established studies, for all studies of the participating educational institutions. During the leave of absence the admission to studies remains valid. No tuition fee is to be paid, but the ÖH fee (student fee) including the insurance contribution is to be paid. The current transfer data including payment reference can be accessed via MOZonline (business card).

Attention: If no payment is made by the end of the registration period (31.10. or 31.03.), you will be automatically exmatriculated by the system. (Note: In case of leave of absence after 30.11. or 30.04. (upon request for unforeseeable and unavoidable reasons), no refund of the tuition fee already paid will be made due to the advanced semester)

Students receiving study grants should inform themselves in detail at the study grant authority before taking a leave of absence, as students on leave of absence from their studies are not entitled to study grants. The completed application form must be handed in at the Service Point (in Innsbruck at the secretary's office) or by e-mail to:

Completion of the study

Your certificate will be issued automatically. You will receive an email with certificate pickup information once the final documents are ready. Until you receive this email, you do not need to do anything.

Please note: University course transcripts are not issued automatically. If you need a certificate after completing your university course, please contact the Study and Examination Management:

After completion/de-registration of all studies or from the deadline of the last possible payment date, the MOZonline account is still valid for 120 days - a warning will be sent 14 days before this deadline expires. After this period, the MOZonline account is no longer available but can be reactivated. Another 120 days later, the MOZonline account will be terminated.

Certificates are usually issued within 2-3 weeks after the last exam, but there may be delays if many graduations are taking place at the same time.

No, English certificates are not issued.

You can apply for an English Diploma Supplement and English Transcript of Records.

You can pick up the certificate at the Servicepoint, Mirabellplatz 1. The opening hours are usually Monday to Friday between 10 am and 12 pm.

In July and August you can pick up the certificate at the Office of Study and Examination Management, Makartplatz 5, 3rd floor.

You can contact us at in order to get an appointment and to make sure that your certificate is ready.

Once your graduation certificate is ready for pickup, you will receive all necessary information to your MOZ email address.  The following documents must be brought with you:

Your participation in the survey is particularly important to the University in order to identify potential for development and to be able to set measures to ensure the quality of studies.

Attention: When you submit the questionnaire, the participation confirmation will be downloaded automatically in the background and should be found in your local download folder afterwards. Alternatively, you can submit a screenshot of the questionnaire completion page (smiley). Please do not fill out the questionnaire more than once.

Yes, the certificate can be sent to you.

Important: If the certificate is lost or damaged in the mail, a new original certificate cannot be issued. In this case, you can only request a duplicate as a replacement.

Instead of having the certificate sent to you, you can also have a trusted person pick it up on your behalf. Please fill out the Authorization in this case.

Come to the Service Point with your student ID and the completed deregistration form; please also ask for the library discharge (

On the occasion of deregistration from your studies, you will receive a certificate of departure containing all positively passed examinations.

The graduation ceremony takes place once per semester, the next date can be found here.

Winter semester: Ceremony in December, registration by the beginning of November
Summer semester: Ceremony in June, registration until the beginning of May

The registration form for the ceremony as well as the payment receipt for 10 € for the sponsorship/graduation portfolio must be submitted to the Study and Examination Management:

Bank details: Bank Austria
IBAN: AT381100009953258200
Recipient: Universität Mozarteum Salzburg
Reason for payment: Sponsions-/Promotionsmappe

Pre-College Questions

You can find all information on the registration and admission test here.

The minor subjects are offered according to age, an overview can be found here . A detailed list of the individual modules can be found in the curriculum.

For students in the Pre-College, registration for courses is automatically handled by the relevant secretariat. It is not necessary to contact the secretariat for this purpose. Students cannot register themselves.

Please note that students can only be registered by the secretary's office once they have been fully enrolled and the course fee and ÖH fee have been received by the Mozarteum University.

No, at the Mozarteum University classes are offered exclusively in presence.

Yes, the course fee is to be paid per instrument/subject and every semester. The ÖH fee, on the other hand, is to be paid per person only once per semester. 

Yes, students of the Pre-College, like all students of the Mozarteum University, receive a time quota with which they can book practice rooms. The quota on your account is renewed weekly on Mondays at 6:00.

Students withdrawing from Pre-College during the current semester must notify the Pre-College office. A withdrawal form will then be sent. If leaving Pre-College at the end of the summer semester due to transfer to the Bachelor's program, no deregistration is required.

Answers to general questions (admission test, enrollment, student ID, ...) can be found in the other listed question categories and are usually valid for Pre-College as well. Specific information about the Pre-College can be found here .

If there are still uncertainties, please contact:

Questions about postgraduate courses

Admission to a postgraduate university course (PGL) requires the  completion of an eligible master's degree or diploma program at a recognized domestic or foreign postsecondary educational institution in the respective central artistic subject. A Bachelor's degree is consequently not sufficient.

Yes, you can take several courses in parallel, even at different educational institutions.

Yes. Parallel studies are not relevant for enrolment in a university course.

For the course, the course fee is to be paid in any case, for the studies, if applicable, the tuition fee. The ÖH fee, on the other hand, is to be paid per person only once per semester. More information about the costs can be found here.

If you would like to register for both courses, the course fee must also be paid for both courses. The ÖH fee, on the other hand, must only be paid once per person in the semester, regardless of the number of courses registered for. More information about the costs can be found here.

Please report to the Study and Examination Management upon completion of the course:
You will receive all further information by e-mail.

Nostrification - recognition of foreign academic degrees

Nostrification is the recognition of a degree obtained at a recognised foreign higher education institution as a degree from a domestic degree programme. The application must be submitted to a domestic university at which the corresponding domestic degree programme is established. The application requires proof that the nostrification is absolutely necessary for the applicant to exercise his or her profession or to continue his or her education in Austria. This means that a nostrification application is only admissible if:

  • the exercise of a profession or activity is compulsorily linked to the possession of an Austrian academic degree or study qualification, i.e. it is not possible without nostrification (this may be stipulated by law or ordinance - so-called "regulated professions"; e.g. civil engineers, teachers at higher schools, certain trades - or in internal general company guidelines)
  • the entitlement to directly exercise this profession or activity does not already exist on the basis of EU regulations.

See also the application form with further explanations.

If you have any questions, please contact the Course & Examination Management.

Applications for nostrification can only be submitted where the corresponding degree programme is offered. In the case of Fachhochschule degrees, the Fachhochschule Council is responsible for nostrification.

If required, a certificate evaluation of a foreign higher education qualification can also be carried out by ENIC NARIC AUSTRIA, information can be found here.

Specifics of the location Innsbruck

The admission procedures and legal basis are very similar for the locations Salzburg and Innsbruck. Interested peolpe and students of the location Innsbruck can therefore find information in the general FAQs. 
Specific information for the location Innsbruck that differs from the general information is listed here.

When and where can I enrol?
Students of instrumental (voice) pedagogy at the location Innsbruck enrol at the Haus der Musik in Innsbruck, Universitätsstraße 1, 4th floor, room 4.03 or 04.06. Opening hours are Mon-Fri, 09:00-12:00.

Where can I get the student ID card?
Students at the location Innsbruck will receive the student ID card after enrolment and will be informed by e-mail about a pick-up date at the location Innsbruck.

What are the functions of the student ID card?
Booking of extra rooms (except at the Innsbruck location)
Key for supra-rooms at the Haus der Musik Innsbruck (not at the Tyrolean State Conservatory)
Library card for the University Library (except for the Library of Music Education Innsbruck at the Haus der Musik Innsbruck)

Where can I get a library card?
Students of instrumental (vocal) pedagogy at the location Innsbruck can get the library card from the University of Innsbruck or

How to use the library?
Information can be found in the Guide to using the library.

How does the booking system for the practice rooms work?
Students of instrumental (voice) pedagogy at the location Innsbruck can use the practice rooms in the Haus der Musik, 4th floor, depending on availability or according to the regulations there. There is no booking system for the practice rooms, we assume fair use on the part of the students.

Where can I pick up my certificate?
Students of instrumental (vocal) pedagogy at the location Innsbruck can pick up their certificate at the Haus der Musik, Universitätsstraße 1, 4th floor, room 04.03. or 04.06. Opening hours are Mon-Fri, 09:00-12:00.


In addition to the evaluation of teaching, studies and service facilities by students, the university surveys its graduates on their completed studies, incoming and outgoing students on their study stay. In addition, evaluations are carried out in numerous other areas, e.g. in the context of appointment procedures, at events in the context of personnel development, at courses of the Career Center, at Pre-College Salzburg and at the International Summer Academy.

Evaluation functions as an important feedback opportunity for students and teachers and offers them the possibility to actively shape their daily study and work routine. In addition to the clear legal requirement that all Austrian universities must conduct regular evaluations, a central quality goal of the Mozarteum University is to offer its students excellent teaching at a top international level and to train internationally competitive and recognized young artistic, scientific and pedagogical talent. The results serve, among other things, as a feedback tool for teachers on their teaching, for curriculum committees on the design of studies, and for service institutions on the further development of their offerings.

All students of the Mozarteum University Salzburg who are registered for courses via MOZonline (online evaluation of teaching, studies and service facilities), who have completed their studies (graduate survey), who have visited the university as part of a semester abroad (incoming survey) or completed a stay abroad at a host university (outgoing survey) are invited to participate in the evaluation. Extraordinary students and students of the "Uni 55-PLUS" are also welcome to evaluate their courses. Students of the Pre-College Salzburg are excluded from the evaluation of teaching, as their courses are evaluated separately.

Annual online evaluation:

  • All teaching staff at the university who have taught courses in the corresponding academic year (it is evaluated at the teaching staff level, not at the course level).
  • University service facilities
  • University studies

Ongoing graduate survey:

  • Satisfaction with studies

Ongoing incoming survey:

  • Satisfaction with the study stay at the Mozarteum University Salzburg

Ongoing outgoing survey:

  • Satisfaction with the study stay at the hoast university abroad

If required: Person-related voluntary evaluation:

  • University lecturer who has undergone a voluntary evaluation and has taught courses in the corresponding academic year (the evaluation is carried out at lecturer level, not at course level).

Students will receive links to the surveys for the previous academic year via email to their MOZ addresses at the end of each summer semester. The surveys can be completed online at any time during the evaluation period (usually 2 months). After completion of the survey, the evaluation team evaluates the survey and forwards the results to the rectorate, the respective teaching staff and any other stakeholders or committees (e.g. department heads, curriculum commissions)

After the end of the evaluation period, the collected feedback is statistically evaluated by the evaluation team. This only happens if at least 4 feedbacks have been received for a teacher. If this is not the case, the teacher will not receive a result in order to preserve the anonymity of the students. If a teacher reaches the anonymity threshold of 4 responses over two years, he or she will receive a summarized result for these years.

The main focus of the university is the responsible handling of the results. In the case of the evaluation of teaching and the service institution, they are sent to the evaluated teacher as well as to the rectorate for their knowledge. The results of the online evaluation are reviewed in a quality circle of the Rectorate with the Department of Quality Management and Development Planning. Subsequently, the Rectorate arranges discussions with individual teachers, department heads or curriculum commissions, if necessary. Heads of administrative departments are also consulted on service and infrastructure issues as needed.

Yes, the participants' answers are treated with the utmost care in order to preserve their anonymity. The questions, a defined response threshold as well as the design of the result evaluation ensure that no conclusions can be drawn about individual students. Any handwritten comments will be transcribed without exception. Any personal information is used exclusively for the purposes of statistical analysis by the evaluation team and will not be passed on to the teachers under any circumstances.

"Anonymity threshold"

A statistical evaluation of the feedback is only possible if at least 4 students have evaluated a teacher or a course. This minimum threshold serves to protect the anonymity of the participants. If fewer than 4 people take part in a survey, their feedback will not be passed on to the lecturers or to the Rectorate. It is possible to create a summarized evaluation result if teachers have been evaluated by a total of at least 4 students in two consecutive academic years.

The vast majority of the University's evaluations are handled through the Evaluation Team in the Division of Quality Management and Development Planning, which is happy to answer questions:

No, student participation in university surveys is voluntary. Nevertheless, the opportunity should be taken to provide feedback and to actively help shape everyday study life. Every participation and the associated positive comments or constructive criticism contribute to maintaining the university's range of services at its high level and to further improving it.

Participation in evaluations is an opportunity to provide the university with experience and to actively shape everyday study life. The university strives to take advantage of as much as possible of the potential for further development that has been identified. Your feedback helps to positively influence the study experience for subsequent generations of students. It is also useful to participate if you are satisfied with the university's range of services and have no specific requests or suggestions. Positive feedback or an expression of basic satisfaction is important feedback for the university and can ensure that certain aspects continue to be maintained.

Can I suffer any disadvantage from participating?

No. Since no conclusions can be drawn about individuals, no negative consequences can arise for you from participation.