[Bildnerische] Innsbruck

Within the framework of the teacher training program in Visual Education, the Department of Fine Arts Innsbruck imparts knowledge, skills and techniques to orient oneself in a visual and digital world, to comprehend it and to help shape it artistically. In order to sharpen a differentiated, sensory-reflexive perception, the department focuses equally on the artistic-experimental process as well as on strategies of interaction, participation and mediation.

Department of Fine Arts & Design, Location Innsbruck
+43 512 560319 3137

+43 676 881 22 441 

Amraser Straße 4
6020 Innsbruck


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  • 19.4.
    02:00 pm
    [Bildnerische] Innsbruck
    Open Days
    Open Days
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Patrick Schaudy | © Elsa Okazaki
Patrick Schaudy

Senior Lecturer for Studio Photography / Design: Technique.Textile

Department Head
Works council: artistic-scientific staff
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Member of the Curriculum Commission from Innsbruck
Elisabeth Schmirl

Chair of the Advisory Board
Beate Engl
Respondents: Elisabeth Schmirl and Jan Grünwald

Mid-level representation
Mid-level speaker Innsbruck: Agnes Urthaler-Jansa
Deputy spokesperson for the mid-level in Innsbruck: Oliver Beihammer

Past exhibitions

  • 1.1.—28.1.2023
    Die Bäckerei — Kulturbackstube
    Fresh from the archive
    Since 2020, a risograph named Rosa has established itself as the centerpiece of the student-run self-publishing company Bilder_Nische. In a print market with an exhibition of the [Bildnerische] Innsbruck, the most beautiful pieces are available for purchase.
    · Free
  • 19.10.—31.10.2022
    Exhibition by Franziska Nössing
    · Free
  • 1.6.
    04:00 pm
    Walk in Progress
    With the summer exhibition [Bildnerische] enters the public space of Innsbruck. Posters in the urban space serve as interfaces from the physical to the digital space, which visitors can access via smartphone.
    · Free
  • 30.6.—9.7.2022
    Bachelor exhibition by Scar Kat, Fabian Löffler, Carlos Vergel, Mario Plattner, Julia Arzberger-Silberberger, Marika Tappeiner
    · Free
  • 1.6.—9.6.2022
    [Bildnerische] Innsbruck
    Blank Page
    Bachelor exhibition by Andreas Platzer
    · Free
  • 30.3.—9.4.2022
    The exhibition title refers to an area of negotiation between mediation and one's own artistic exploration.
    · Free
  • 28.4.—29.4.2022
    [Bildnerische] Innsbruck
    Open house
    On the Open Day, [Fine Arts] Education not only offers extensive information about studying at the University Mozarteum in Innsbruck, but is also happy to give tours of the premises to provide initial insights into what is happening in the arts on site.
    · Free