Beate Johanna Engl | © Elsa Okazaki


Beate Johanna Engl

Univ.-Prof. for Sculpture & New Media[Fine Arts] Innsbruck

Beate Engl has been teaching the art practice of sculpture and media at [Bildnerische] Innsbruck since 2020. Her artistic focus is on an expanded concept of sculpture at the interface with music, site-specificity, art in public space and art in architecture.

After studying sculpture (diploma and master student AdBK Munich) and public art (MFA, School of the Arts Institute Chicago and Bauhaus University Weimar), she travelled to Chicago, New York, Seoul and Bangalore several times for artistic projects, residencies and scholarships. In addition to individual works, she has created numerous collaborations and exchange projects with artists, art scholars and musicians.

Engl's site-specific artistic practice and research examines space (both public institutional and visionary spaces) and its formal, social and political conditions as a system of settings and categorisations that must be questioned and artistically appropriated. Her sculptural works are mostly site-specific, repeatedly use the elements of movement, light and audio and are often reminiscent of apparatuses or instruments.

Since 2018, she has been working and collaborating intensively with the artists Leonie Felle and Franka Kaßner on the joint project "PREKÄROTOPIA" and the continuously changed and further developed sculptural-performative realisations of the precarious Singspiel.