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In contrast to other academic professions, the essential foundation for successfully pursuing a career in music is often laid in childhood. The University Mozarteum Salzburg therefore accepts exceptionally talented children and young people into its Pre-College and offers them a pre-university education at the highest level.



The Pre-College Salzburg is internationally oriented and promotes participation in national and international concert performances as well as national and international competitions. It maintains contacts with national and international agencies and festivals. The Pre-College Salzburg maintains an important cooperation with the International Mozarteum Foundation Salzburg. Our young students participate in music education concerts for children and young people. A cooperation with "Live Music Now" enables pre-college students to perform solo and chamber music.

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  • Bass tuba
  • Recorder
  • Harpsichord
  • Bassoon
  • Voice
  • Guitar
  • Harp
  • Clarinet
  • Piano
  • Composition
  • Double bass
  • Oboe
  • Organ
  • Trombone
  • Flute
  • Saxophone
  • Percussion
  • Trumpet
  • Viola
  • Violin
  • Violoncello

In addition to the lessons in the main artistic subject, there are the following compulsory subsidiary subjects:

from 12 years of age: Chamber music (at ZKF Instrumental)

from 15 years: music theory (every 14 Saturdays)

from 16 years of age: compulsory piano (except for ZKF Piano)

from 16 years of age: history of vocal literature (only for ZKF Voice, every 14 Saturdays)

Students with ZKF Voice can also take the following electives from 16 years of age:

  • introduction to gymnastics/conditioning
  • introduction to stage dance
  • introduction to acting introduction to opera choir
  • introduction to breathing and physical training

Pre-College Info

Aim & Strategy

The aim of the course is to identify talented young people at an early stage in the sense of talent identification and talent promotion and to support them in the best possible way both in the Central Artistic Subject (ZKF) and in its musical environment. Another is to prepare students for studies at a university of the arts.

The university course Pre-College includes lessons in the Central Artistic Subject, Chamber Music (from age 12), Music Theory (from age 15) and compulsory Piano (from age 16, except for ZKF Piano). Upon entry into the university program, all courses in the curriculum must be taken on a compulsory basis (the division is made according to the age of the student).

Age of entry and length of stay

No minimum age is required for admission to the university course.
Recommendations for entry age are:

  • Instrumental studies: from 12 years of age
  • Composition: from 16 years of age
  • Singing: from the last year of school/training

For minors, a declaration of consent from the legal guardian is required for enrollment.

The length of stay in the university courses Pre-College Salzburg Instrumental and Composition is limited with the completion of the 18th year of age. In case of attendance of a higher school (e.g. Matura, Abitur) an extension until the age of 19 is possible upon request. The cut-off date for the age limit is October 1 for each academic year.
In the university course Pre-College Singing, graduation must take place at the latest when the student reaches the age of 22.

Duration of Studies

In the Pre-College Instrumental and Composition, no maximum number of semesters is specified.

The duration of study in Pre-College Vocal is two semesters, or four semesters in justified exceptional cases upon application. Exceptions require the express consent of the Examination Commission as well as the approval of the Rectorate.

Personal attendance requirement

Lessons in the Central Artistic Subject are given weekly, Chamber Music (from age 12) and Compulsory Piano (from age 16, except for ZKF Piano) by arrangement with the responsible teachers. Music theory classes (ages 15 and up) are currently held every other Saturday. To study at the Pre-College it is necessary to attend classes on site and to be present in Salzburg accordingly. Online teaching is not provided.

Admission to the Pre-College University Program is granted as an extraordinary student of the Mozarteum University.

The prerequisite for admission to the Pre-College is proof of the relevant aptitude by passing the admission examination . This is held as a board examination. The examination board consists of teachers of the Pre-College Salzburg and teachers of the respective regular studies.

Structure of the Admission

Examination The following partial examinations must be completed within the framework of the admission examination:

A - Determination of artistic aptitude in the ZKF

for an instrument:

  • audition of several works from different stylistic periods
  • The examination committee selects a playing time of approx. 10 minutes from the program given in the application.

for composition:

  • presentation of own compositions and interview. The applicants present their own works (e.g. compositions in the form of sketches, scores, recordings, etc.). In addition, an interview with the examination board will take place.
  • The portfolio with the own works will be brought to the entrance examination by the applicants. In addition, links to their own works can be provided in the online registration for the entrance examination.

for voice:

  • audition of four songs or arias from two different stylistic periods
  • In the first round, a piece chosen by the candidate and possibly a piece chosen by the commission must be auditioned.
  • After a positive evaluation of the first round, a new audition will take place.

B - Music Theory & Aural Training (general musical aptitude)

All tasks are set according to the age of the applicants and are progressively designed. The exam is oral. The following contents are tested:

  • Rhythm: Clapping given rhythms
  • singing and, depending on age, naming intervals, triads and their inversions, and dominant seventh chords and their inversions
  • Listening: Questions such as "One note in the two chords played in succession has changed. Which one and in which direction? (e.g. "the middle note became lower" - major to minor)
  • Sight-singing of a simple song/folksong
  • Repeating a simple melody played on the piano on the own instrument/voice
  • Transposing a simple melody on the piano or on the own instrument/voice
  • Continuing a melody on the piano or on the own instrument/voice and bringing it to a conclusive end
  • free improvisation on the piano or on the own instrument (tonal, atonal, classical, jazzy, etc. as desired)
  • for voice/instrumental: answer musicology questions based on works prepared for the entrance exam in the major, such as.E.g. the meaning of the tempo indications/movement designations, styles (epochs), forms (sonata form, rondo, invention, prelude, fugue etc.), determination of keys, knowing some composers of the respective epochs of the works prepared on the instrument, etc.
  • for composition: answering musicological questions on the basis of own compositions prepared for the entrance examination in the ZKF, such as questions on notation, playing techniques used, keys, musical influences, knowing some composers of the 20th/21st century, etc.

The sheet music of the works prepared for Part A and, if applicable, the student's own instrument (except keyboard instruments and harp) must be brought to the theory examinations!

C - German language skills

  • required language level: depends on age (1st October counts as the cut-off date for age)
    up to 12 years: no proof required
    12-14 years: A1
    from 15 years: A2
    (Common European Framework of Reference CEFR 2001)
  • Information on the recognised certificates can be found HERE


The dates of the entrance examination as well as important deadlines can be found in the current time schedule.

  • Examination registration during the application period via the registration portal for study applicants
  • after checking the information: Invitation to the on-site admission examination
  • Participation in the on-site admission examination in May/June 
  • if the admission examination is passed: Invitation to enroll in the course of studies Enrollment during the general admission period

Course fee

A course fee and the ÖH fee must be paid per semester for participation in the Pre-College Salzburg university course. The course fees amount to Euro 700,- per semester.

Lesson dates in ZKF and chamber music are arranged directly with the teachers.

Class scheduling in compulsory piano is either through the secretary's office (classes on Saturdays) or directly with the teachers (classes on weekdays).

The class dates for music theory and history of vocal literature for the year 2024/25 are:

Winter semester 2024/25

  • 05.10.2024
  • 19.10.2024
  • 09.11.2024
  • 23.11.2024
  • 07.12.2024
  • 14.12.2024
  • 11.01.2025
  • 25.01.2025

Summer semester 2025

  • TBA
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Britta Bauer | © Privat
Britta Bauer

Private Docent for flute / Head of Pre-College / Chair of the Curriculum Committee (Performance) / Member of the Curriculum Committee (Pedagogy)

Deputy Department Head
Curriculum Committee
Stefan David Hummel | © Elsa Okazaki
Stefan David Hummel

Head of Pre-College / Personal Assistant to the Rector / Coordinator of the International Mozart Competition / Lecturer for orchestra didactics & ensemble

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Britta Bauer | © Privat
Britta Bauer

Private Docent for flute / Head of Pre-College / Chair of the Curriculum Committee (Performance) / Member of the Curriculum Committee (Pedagogy)

Deputy Department Head
Curriculum Committee
Andreas Weber
Andreas Weber

A.o. Univ. Prof. for Piano / Representative for encouraging talented students

Head of Institute
Hannfried Lucke | © Nikolaj Lund
Hannfried Lucke

Vice Rector for Art / Univ.-Prof. for Organ / Artistic Director International Summer Academy & International Mozart Competition

Stefan David Hummel | © Elsa Okazaki
Stefan David Hummel

Head of Pre-College / Personal Assistant to the Rector / Coordinator of the International Mozart Competition / Lecturer for orchestra didactics & ensemble

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