O.Univ.-Prof. Mag.

Kurt Estermann

Univ.-Prof. for Ecclesiastical CompositionDepartment Composition & Music TheoryPre-College
Kurt Estermann (*1960 in Innsbruck) comes from a family of musicians. After studies in his hometown, he earned degrees in composition, church music, concert organ and harpsichord at what is now the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. His formative teachers were Erich Urbanner, Peter Planyavsky, Michael Radulescu and Gordon Murray. Courses and encounters with Wolfgang Rihm and György Ligeti influenced his further compositional development.
The tension between compositional work and concert performances in the field of keyboard instruments is reflected in the awards and honors awarded: 1985 Organ Competition Bruges-Belgium, 1987 Tyrolean Music Promotion Prize, 1989 and 1995 Honors Prize of the Federal Ministry, 1989 Hofhaimer Competition-Innsbruck, 1996 Composition Prize of the Tyrolean Singers' Association, 1997 federal music promotion prize, 1998 prize for artistic creation of the provincial capital Innsbruck.

Since 1996 composition commissions and regular performances at klangspuren Schwaz, ORF Vienna, St. Barbara Hall Gallery in Tyrol, St. Stephan Vienna, Easter Festival Tyrol, Lockenhaus as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Poland and America. Kurt Estermann is a juror for the Slatkonia Prize of the Archdiocese of Vienna and the music promotion prize of the Federal Chancellery, and as a church musician he is closely associated with the Wilten Abbey in Innsbruck.

In 2000 he was appointed to the chair for church composition at the Mozarteum University in Salzburg. His compositional work includes mainly organ music, works for voice and organ, choral works, orchestral and ensemble music. They appear at  Doblinger Vienna .

The fascination for the organ extends not only to the compositional search for new sound possibilities, but also to researching and raising awareness of the organ as a historical instrument in this context. In this sense, Kurt Estermann is the editor of two series of books that are published in  Helbling-Verlag Innsbruck   appear: "Tiroler Orgelschatz" and "Studia Wilthinensia Artis Organi". Unique sound monuments should be better understood in their tradition, with their artistic and innovative craftsmanship, with their history and their protagonists. In this respect, sound research - as a guide to the future - also deals with the past.
1985 Organ Competition Bruges-Belgium 1987 Tyrolean Music Promotion Prize 1989 and 1995 Prize of the Federal Ministry 1989 Hofhaimer Competition Innsbruck 1996 Composition Prize of the Tyrolean Singers Association 1997 Music Promotion Prize of the Federal Government 1998 Prize for artistic creativity of the provincial capital Innsbruck.
Symphonic Variations Sub tuum praesidium  2000 Innsbruck Te Deum Laudamus  2001 Bozen Heimat  2002 Innsbruck Ad cenam Agni providi  2003 Cologne Il Canto Di Frate Sole  2004 Lockenhaus Symphony for Reciter and Large Orchestra  2005 Berlin Double Concerto for Harpsichord organ positive and strings  2006 Innsbruck Symphony III  2007 klangspuren schwaz Hommage á Josquin  2008 Vienna PROPRIEN 09  2009 Vienna Orchesterstück I + II  2010 Festspielhaus Erl Organ Concert II  2011 Kongresshaus Innsbruck psallere  2012 Vienna digressio : memoria  2013 Innsbruck psallere II  2014 Fulda INVOCATIO MAGNA  2015 Linz Marienvesper  2016 Klagenfurt String Quartet II  2017 Vienna the end of the world will not take place again  2018 Innsbruck