Research project
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An essential element of the project is the contact to the economy, especially the creative industry, as a potential job market for graduates of artistic and artistic-scientific studies. The cooperation with a variety of partner organizations in the field of higher education creates foundations for lasting exchange and sustainable discussions and increases the potential to stimulate possible steps and innovations in the field of education.

Project Management
Eugen Banauch , Maria Herz (Research Management)

AWS / Wissenstransferzentrum West

Cooperation with
Johannes Kepler University Linz, Linz University of Art, University of Innsbruck as well as WTZ Ost (Lead Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna)

01.09.2022 - 31.12.2024

Competencies that encompass creative, artistic and artistic-research activities are critical to solving the complex and ever-evolving needs and challenges of our time. The artistic processes of creating, producing, performing and presenting are not only fundamental to artistic education, they are also essential in all innovative areas of research, development, transfer and exploitation. The empirical values of already conducted HUBs within the framework of the last and penultimate funding period (Challenge Impact HUB, Crowdfunders HUB) and conferences (Transfer Summit, Art & Science Circle) are incorporated into the concepts of this cooperation project and are transferred into a broader transfer field of economic and ecological contexts through the cross-sectional topics of Entrepreneurship and Societal Challenges (SDGs).

The goal is to build a bridge between STEM disciplines and the artistic-creative sector.