Long Night of Research 2022

Research project
Ein Kopf aus Gips mit Heu auf dem Kopf im Vordergrund, dahinter ein junger Mann und Utensilien zum Modellbau | © Christian Schneider
Long Night of Research 2022: Live presentations, experiments to watch, join in and marvel at
With over 2,000 stations, guided tours, workshops, lectures, live presentations and experiments to watch, participate in and marvel at, the Long Night of Research offers something for everyone: for science professionals and those who want to become one, for the adventurous and the curious, for those who think outside the box, for tinkerers, for small and large discoverers and for everyone who wants to know exactly.

Research is multifaceted: from society, environment and health to natural sciences, technology, energy, business, digitization and culture, researchers present their achievements! This ranges from pre-scientific work at schools to cutting-edge research, from basic research to leading projects in application-oriented research or successful innovations from companies.
(Bella Musica project of the Pre-College Salzburg & Archiv Spielforschung) MOZART MACHT MINT (exhibition and workshops) NACHTMUSIK IN DER BIBLIOTHEK (voyage of discovery through library, book depository and reading room) How does performative art ask questions about ecology?
Participation station (Anna Töller and Anna Maria Kalcher) What moves us?
Participation station (Elisabeth Pieper and Magdalena Gassner-Castillo) How do dances contribute to the community experience?
Participation station (Andrea Ostertag) Participation station/workshop: How to make textiles audible and sound tangible?
Workshop (Gertrud Fischbacher and Marius Schebella) Data and Algorithms: An Artistic Exploration
Lecture and Sound Installation (David Pirrò) Literature Meets AI (Thomas Ballhausen and Eugen Banauch) Medial Text Lab - Spot On MozART (Thomas Ballhausen and Marcel Kieslich) Thinking with Models (Magdalena Hofer & Selina Nowak) AKT / NUDE (Stefan Bachmann)
Practice of drawing as a form of artistic exploration
"Research-based learning" in music education - an interview study on the curriculum for the teaching profession ( Julia Wieneke) "Fundamental ideas" in piano methodology - holistic approaches to (practical) piano playing (Reinhard Blum) Stability of tempo ideas based on selected pop songs (Heike Henning) Cultural participation in the context of virtual (T)spaces - an interactive lecture  (Heike Henning)
20. May 2022
from 17.00-23.00 Cinemax, Theatrum, Department of Music Education Innsbruck, Small Studio, Orff Institute, University Library