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  • © Elsa Okazaki
    We warmly welcome! 

    On October 1, six new university professors, mezzo-soprano Zoryana Kushpler, pianist Ya-Fei Chuang, guitarist Andrea De Vitis, innovation researcher and computer scientist Christopher Lindinger, violist Muriel Razavi and violist Sào Soulez Larivière, began their work at the Mozarteum University. We warmly welcome them!

  • Dance until we die | © Mitzi Gugg

  • Titelblatts der Zeitschrift „Der Norden“
    The Reception of Beethoven and His Music in Nazi-Occupied European Countries 

    Although cultural life in various Nazi-occupied countries manifested distinctive differences in outlook between 1939 and 1945, partially accountable to specific national traditions and their historical and ideological relationship to German music and the political situation, one factor that appears to bind all musical activity in these areas is the consistent presence of the music of Ludwig van Beethoven.

    Research project
  • © Timna Pachner/ Räume kultureller Demokratie

    Together with children and young people, the inter- and transdisciplinary CreArT Lab is being developed in collaboration with partners from the fields of art & culture, science & technology, education & outreach, and in cooperation with regional companies and networks. - A mobile experimental space that, in the spirit of the guiding principle "Co-Creating Change!", is intended to inspire, motivate and support children and young people to (co-)create change.

    Research project
  • © Hubert Auer

    With a retrospective, outlook and brunch, the inter-university doctoral program "The Arts and their Public Impact: Dynamics of Change" (2019-2023) came to an end on September 27, 2023 at the inter-university institution Science and the Arts (W&K).

  • Working Borders | © Johanna Mayrhofer
    Working Borders 

    Even in a hyper-eroticized society, hardly any topic is as polarizing as sex work. Whether in feminist debates, political disputes or in private conversations: everyone has an opinion about it. In Johanna Mayrhofer's master's project, sex work as a topic that has always been on the borders of our society is moved from the outskirts to the center of Salzburg in the form of an interactive audio walk.

    Student project
  • Christopher Lindinger | © Florian Voggeneder
    Christopher Lindinger takes up professorship for art & digitality 

    Christopher Lindinger is an innovation researcher, computer scientist and cultural manager. He was co-founder of the Futurelab at Ars Electronica in Linz and co-director of the Ars Electronica Media Lab until he was appointed Vice Rector at JKU Linz in 2019. On October 1, 2023, he will take up a professorship for Art & Digitality at the Mozarteum University.

  • Universitätskollegium mit Rektor Klaus Ager (1999)

    A university thrives on committed individuals who, in addition to their artistic, scientific or pedagogical competences, also contribute to organisational processes. Through their participation in committees, they shape the studies at our university, influence the appointments of lecturers, or bear responsibility in the process of electing the rector.

  • Musikpädagogik - Universität Mozarteum | © Michael Klimt & Christian Schneider

    The conference In(Kon-)Takt - Connecting generations through music follows on from the future workshop on intergenerational singing and music-making held in Vechta in 2022. Interested scientists, music educators, music educators, teachers in the field of music education, music school directors, choir directors and artists are invited to submit contributions relevant to the topic.

    Open Call
  • Bühnenbild von Mirjam Stängl, Zwiegespräch, Akademietheater Wien | © Susanne Haller-Smith

    Awards & Successes
  • Elissa / Dido & Aeneas | © Fabian Helmich
    With Baroque Summer Academy as guest in Siena 

    Numerous master classes, a contemporary BaroqueLab, concerts and an opera production: The Baroque Summer Academy of the Department of Early Music of the Mozarteum University will take place for the third time in 2023 within the framework of the renowned Accademia Musicale Chigiana in Siena, Italy. A highlight in 2023 is the performance of the baroque opera "Dido & Aeneas" by H. Purcell with contemporary prologue and epilogue "Elissa" by Henry Fourès and Rector Elisabeth Gutjahr. "Elissa" was successfully premiered at the Mozarteum University in June 2023.

  • Applied Theatre | © Applied Theatre

    Theater-interested, -enthusiastic and -newcomers are welcome! Everyone together, citizens, people who live in Salzburg, students and life artists try out together.

  • 23.8.2023