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  • Shift | © Sigi Tomaschko
    Shift KV594 

    W. A. Mozart's composition Adagio in F minor (KV 594) for an organ work in a clock becomes a synesthetic experience in the project Shift, materially visible, audible and tangible. The result was presented in a textile-acoustic concert on July 18.

    Spot On MozART
  • Rektorin Elisabeth Gutjahr mit den Kompositionsstudenten  Johannes Brömmel, Alfran García und Seung Ju Noh in Marseille. ARCO 2023 | © Stefan David Hummel
    ARCO as guest in Marseille 

    On July 16, this year's edition of the top-class French-Austrian Academy of Composition came to a successful close in Marseille with four concerts. For the first time, the prize winners of the International Mozart Competition were invited to Marseille and performed in the concerts.

  • Illustration einer Trompete
    More courage to be open to the world 

    Since June 14, 2023, a right-wing populist party has been a legitimate part of the Salzburg state government. The Senate of the Mozarteum University Salzburg is following with concern the extremist expressions and exclusionary attitudes that are thus finding their way into key political positions in our federal state, not least with a view to the signal effect of this coalition in terms of federal policy and its international external impact.

  • Elissa / Dido & Aeneas | © Fabian Helmich

    More than 330 years after the premiere of the only complete opera by Henry Purcell, the French composer Henry Fourès composes a setting for Dido and Aeneas and calls it "Elissa". A second name for the queen that allows the character to exist on its own, without direct ties to Aeneas.

    Opera production
  • Schauspiel: Tartuffe | © Magdalena Hofer

    The author and musician PeterLicht has taken on Molière's scandalous play from 1664, "atomised and pulverised" it to make it readable in its satirical quality for our present. Director Nele Rosetz works out a common reading of the material with drama students. How does a group shape the behaviour of individuals? And what actually happens when an established context is shaken up by the emergence of a new character?

    Drama production
  • 20.6.2023

    The “” app accompanies young users to historical locations, thereby enabling a special musical experience with original works at authentic viewing and listening locations. Through gamification and storytelling, complex learning opportunities are created and curiosity is aroused.