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  • Co-CreART | © Cati Krüger

    Together with children and young people, the inter- and transdisciplinary CreART Lab is being developed in collaboration with partners from the fields of art & culture, science & technology, education & outreach, and in cooperation with regional companies and networks. A mobile experimental space that, in the spirit of the guiding principle "Co-Creating Change!", is intended to inspire, motivate and support children and young people to (co-)create change.

    Research project
  • Land Salzburg Neumayr/Leopold | © Wilfried Haslauer, Elisabeth Gutjahr, Thomas Ballhausen

    An additional 2,400 square metres for art and research: the province of Salzburg is supporting the expansion of the network of locations.

  • Lehár Theater Bad Ischl | © Daniel Leitner /
    Evil Operetta 

    As part of the Salzkammergut Capital of Culture 2024, the Lehár Theatre in Bad Ischl, in cooperation with the Mozarteum University and the Lehár Festival, will be the venue for a short operetta festival that aims to revive the operetta condemned by the National Socialists. The aim: short, topical, critical.

  • © Expo Austria/BWM Designers & Architects

    From the very beginning, the 'World Exhibition' fascinated visitors with its overambitious plan to stage the 'world' and its present in a limited space in one place within six months. An endeavour that challenges the superlative in all its facets: conceptually, logistically and financially.

  • Ziyu He | © Sofija Palurovic
    A new home - Ziyu He 

    Ziyu He was one of the youngest soloists in the Vienna Philharmonic when he made his debut at the Musikverein under Adam Fischer in 2017 at the age of just 18. The year before, he won both the International Mozart Competition in Salzburg and the Yehudi Menuhin Competition, and in 2014 he was the Eurovision Young Musician of the Year. He is a violinist with the renowned Altenberg Trio.

    Alumnae & Alumni Stories
  • © Christian Schneider
    Future music from five centuries 

    With the first edition of the new interdisciplinary ORA Early Music Festival, the Mozarteum University is celebrating a special premiere. Over three days, early music, contemporary musical language and improvisation come together in numerous concerts and sound performances.

  • Tape it! Tixohalter | © Marie Gruber

    In the "GOODGOODS - from experiment to mass production" project, students developed a product together with detailed instructions that show the production process broken down into individual steps and can therefore be mass produced - even by someone else.

    Student project
  • Open House - Rundgang der Bildenden Künste & Gestaltung | © Michael Klimt
    Ö1 Talent Scholarship for Visual Arts 2024 

    The Ö1 Talent Scholarship for Fine Arts in the amount of 10,000 euros, provided by Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein, is being offered by Ö1 for the 17th time this year. The prize serves to promote young talent among students at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the University of Art and Design Linz, the Mozarteum University Salzburg and the University of Art and Design Graz. A special prize on the theme of "Solidarity" is also awarded.

    Open Call
  • Illustration einer Trompete

    Democracy" is associated with numerous values such as freedom, justice and humanism, which must be constantly renegotiated. It is understood as a form of rule, society and life and is differentiated accordingly in terms of time, culture and state. Democracy can be symbolically demanded or consolidated through musical performances, because music is a possible practice for shaping, accompanying or commenting on the negotiation process of what is understood by "democracy".

    Open Call
  • © Michael Klimt

  • 4.3.2024

    How does one actually become an actor? How does an acting class work? This is what those interested in acting can try out for themselves for a week during the summer holidays, when the Thomas Bernhard Institute opens the doors of the university wide and sets the stage for the summer camp.

  • Masken - Julia Burgholzer

    Masks can be grotesque, sacred, mysterious, beautiful, terrifying, frightening and much more. They show and conceal at the same time. Masks have two sides. They oscillate between the inside and the outside - connecting and separating at the same time. They allow us to change roles, to role-play and are also a metaphor for our social role behaviour. Masks are an offer to change.

    Student project
  • 1.3.2024
    Guitar spring: concert tour & premiere of the "CumTempora" project 

    The guitar department of the Mozarteum University is starting spring 2024 with an extensive programme: students in the classes of Andrea De Vitis and Laura Young have the unique opportunity to showcase their talent at concerts in Italy, which are made possible as part of an Erasmus collaboration with the renowned Boccherini Conservatory in Lucca (Tuscany).