Piano practice and self-accompanied singing

Music, Music Education
Reinhard Blum, Johannes Steiner [Hg.]

Long positioned as an add-on in traditional educational curricula, practical piano playing and self-accompanied singing are increasingly being given more weight and importance in professional and didactic discourse. This volume deals with aspects of the artistic-performative potential as well as innovative approaches. The spectrum of contributions ranges from specific piano (practice)-related concepts to questions relevant to school music and implementation models for teacher training.

Innsbruck Perspectives on Music Education, Volume 5

With contributions by
Reinhard Blum, Ronel De Villiers, Franz-Josef Hauser, Markus Hertwig, Christian 
Kraler, Hermann Linecker, Clara Murnig,  Ines Dominik Reiger, Eva Salmutter,  Gero Schmidt-Oberländer, Johannes 
Steiner, Christian Wegscheider

Waxmann, Münster, 2021

ISBN 978-3-8309-4269-6