interdisciplinary design in school

Music, Music Education
Johannes Steiner [Hg.]

The art form of sound art has gained in importance in recent years. The combination of visual and auditory forms of expression reflects the special nature of sound art. The different approaches present both educators and artists with new aesthetic challenges and ways of looking at things. Accordingly, the interdisciplinary approach enables and requires new ways of thinking and methods for teaching. The volume illuminates interfaces between different art forms and shows unexpected perspectives for music and art teaching.

Innsbruck Perspectives on Music Education, Volume 1

With contributions by
Franz Billmayer, Kerstin Hallmann,  Fritz Höfer, Nadja Köffler, Eva Salmutter, Johannes Steiner, Thomas Sojer, Peter Stöger

Waxmann, Münster, 2021

ISBN 978-3-8309-4425-6