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The bachelor's degree program in IGP bassoon serves as a preliminary artistic, pedagogical and scientific education. Accordingly, the aim of the study is the acquisition of differentiated artistic, pedagogical and scientific competences for the teaching of music in diverse forms. With the successful completion of the study program, the teaching qualification for Austrian music schools is granted in the respective central artistic subject (ZKF) as well as in the respective elective module (focus).


General study information

The degree program qualifies students to teach music in music schools, in cooperation with general education schools, as freelancers, and at universities, colleges, and other post-secondary educational institutions.

In addition, it opens up many other fields of music pedagogy and music practice related to this field. These include solo music-making, ensemble and orchestral music-making, music-related research, music management, and music education in the fields of music theater, concert, press, publishing, and media.

The Bachelor's program IGP is divided into the following artistic, pedagogical and scientific module groups:

  • Central Artistic Subject/ZKF
  • Artistic profile of the ZKF, compulsory subject piano
  • Piano practicum (guitar/harp practicum)
  • Chamber music/ensemble
  • Music pedagogy/subject didactics
  • Physical and language training
  • Music theory
  • Musicology
  • Musical group subjects
  • Elective module (focus), free electives
  • Bachelor thesis


Within the framework of the elective modules (focal points), various profiles are offered, of which each student must complete at least one:

  • Instrument/vocals in elementary, lower and intermediate music schools (Salzburg, Innsbruck)
  • Choir and ensemble conducting (Salzburg, Innsbruck)
  • Music theory/aural training (Salzburg)
  • New Media (Salzburg)
  • Early music (Salzburg, Innsbruck)
  • Jazz/Pop (Salzburg, Innsbruck)
  • Folk music (not for ZKF folk instruments) (Salzburg, Innsbruck)
  • Correpetition (only for ZKF piano) (Salzburg, Innsbruck)

Upon successful completion of the program, the student is granted the teaching qualification for Austrian music schools in the respective Central Artistic Subject (ZKF) as well as in the respective elective module (focus) Second Instrument/Vocals. In addition, upon completion of the respective compulsory elective module (focus), teaching qualifications can be obtained in the focus areas of music and movement for elementary and basic levels at music schools (EMP), music theory and new media.

The bachelor's examination (= the bachelor's degree) consists of the positive completion of the courses and examinations of all modules as well as the preparation of a bachelor's thesis. Commissioned examinations include an artistic examination in ZKF at the end of the 4th semester and at the end of the 8th semester, an artistic examination in piano (compulsory subject) at the end of the 4th semester (depending on the chosen ZKF), an examination in Instrumental & Vocal Pedagogy usually at the end of the 8th semester, an examination in Subject Didactics/Teaching Practice of ZKF usually at the end of the 8th semester as well as, if applicable, scheduled examinations in the chosen compulsory elective module (focus).

Registration for the entrance examination is done via the registration portal for applicants.
Please note that the automatic email to activate the account can often be found in the spam folder, so please be sure to check there if you think you have not received it. If you still have problems activating your account, please contact

Registration may only take place at one study location, Salzburg or Innsbruck. A double registration at both study locations is not permitted and will be cancelled.

Necessary documents for online registration

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form with photo
  • letter of motivation (approx. one DIN A4 page)
  • (final) certificates as well as examinations and transcripts of records of all previous artistic and/or pedagogical studies
  • if applicable, proof of German language proficiency
  • Form of the documents

Form of the documents

  • The documents can be uploaded as PDF files in the application form.
  • If the above documents are not available in German or English, an official translation must be submitted.

PLEASE NOTE: Communication takes place via email. Unfortunately, our emails (some of which are created automatically) are classified as spam by some providers. This particularly affects GMail addresses. Please check your spam folder regularly or change your spam settings.

The admission examination for the Bachelor's program Instrumental & Vocal Pedagogy consists of partial examinations in the following areas:

  1. Central artistic subject (respective instrument/vocal),
  2. Compulsory subject piano in the profiles wind, percussion & string instruments, voice, guitar, harp, folk instruments (not for ZKF piano, ZKF harpsichord),
  3. music theory and ear training (written and oral part of the exam),
  4. communicative and music pedagogical aptitude,
  5. for applicants whose first language is not German: Proof of German language skills on level B2 by means of a recognized certificate or supplementary examination.

The examination requirements are regulated in the implementation guidelines, information on the German certificates can be found HERE.
Material to prepare for the exam Music Theory and Aural Training can be found HERE.

Link to the registration deadlines
Link to the examination dates

The admission exams in the Central Artistic Subject (ZKF) are held together with the admission exam Instrumental Studies for some instruments. Please note the date information outside the deadline of the IGP admission examinations. All other partial examinations take place on the announced examination date.