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  • Gruppenfoto zur Kooperationsvertragsunterzeichnung | © Land Tirol / Pichler
    Additional study programs in Innsbruck in cooperation with the province of Tyrol 

    For 15 years, the Mozarteum University has been cooperating with the Tyrolean State Conservatory in the field of music school teacher training. In 2021/22, the offer in Innsbruck will be expanded to include the study profile "Jazz/Pop" in the Bachelor's program IGP and the Master's program "Making Music in Diversity Contexts".

  • 21.1.2021

    Grenzklang is a project based in Tyrol and unique in the entire German-speaking region, which on the one hand offers children of Persian origin an opportunity to promote singing and music-making, while at the same time enabling a connection to their culture and being open to children of all nationalities as well as music of pluralistic cultures. On the other hand, Grenzklang is a practical training programme for future music teachers. This joint intercultural learning envisaged in the project ideally leads to an attitude of all participants, which is the basis for social progress and enables teaching and learning in diversity, equality and democracy. It thus functions as a model for further (music) pedagogical and intercultural offers. Synergy is an essential feature and Grenzklang contributes to strengthening the cultural identity of all participants.

    Research project
  • 9.1.2021
    Research award for Judith Rubatscher 

    Judith Rubatscher, graduate of music education at the Mozarteum Innsbruck, was awarded a research prize by the Kanda Center of the University of Innsbruck for her ethnomusicological thesis "'Singen is a part vo unsam leben.' Die aktuelle Gesangspraxis der Schmiedeleut-I-Hutterer in Manitoba" (Supervisor: Ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Nußbaumer). Rubatscher dealt with the musical tradition of the Hutterites, a Tyrolean Anabaptist community from the 16th century, which today is only represented in North America.

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