University teaching as a field of development: scope for university didactics

Research project

A variety of projects will explore opportunities for instructional development to provide students with diverse and appropriate learning opportunities, developing and documenting various formats and presenting them at professional and interdisciplinary conferences.

Project management
Julia Wieneke

since 2018

For this purpose, an interdisciplinary team-teaching event was set up and carried out several times with students from the University of Art and Design Graz. The collaboration was designed on several levels: Not only the teachers worked interdisciplinary, but also the students were brought together in mixed teams and with teachers at schools and accompanied and supported in their teaching projects (2018-2020). Another field of development is the conception of a digital lecture series in the form of a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), which was created and published in cooperation with Graz University of Technology. The integration of the MOOC into current teaching is being continuously advanced (since 2020). Currently, master students are involved in the further development of the teaching curriculum by designing and conducting their own qualitative research study as a group with guidance.


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