Master Music Education (IGP) Salzburg
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The master's program serves to deepen the artistic, pedagogical and scientific qualifications up to the highest level. The aim of the study is accordingly the differentiation of artistic, pedagogical and scientific competences for the teaching of music in diverse manifestations especially within the framework of music schools, in cooperation with general education schools, in freelance activities but also at universities, colleges and other post-secondary educational institutions.

General study information

The Master's degree course in Instrumental (Vocal) Pedagogy serves to deepen the artistic, pedagogical and academic skills acquired in the Bachelor's degree course. Accordingly, the aim of the course is to differentiate artistic, pedagogical and academic skills for teaching music in various forms, particularly in the context of music schools, in cooperation with general education schools, in freelance work, but also at universities, colleges and other post-secondary educational institutions.

The Master's degree program also serves to develop an individual profile in an artistic, pedagogical, academic or practical field. In addition to musical competencies in the respective central artistic subject (Salzburg) or in the area of artistic practice (Innsbruck) and pedagogical competencies, the degree program also aims to acquire, expand and perfect further practical, mediating, academic and theoretical competencies:

  • Musical or instrumental/vocal skills and knowledge, especially in relation to the respective Central Artistic Subject (ZKF) in accordance with their own artistic profile,
  • pedagogical knowledge and skills, particularly in relation to their own Central Artistic Subject (ZKF) or the respective profile, but also in relation to the respective specialization (compulsory elective subject) (study location Salzburg),
  • communicative and social interaction with students of all ages,
  • to participate in musical ensembles of different styles and to lead and organize them,
  • master different stylistic periods of music and be able to present them professionally at the highest level,
  • be able to reflect on and explain their own artistic and pedagogical actions on the basis of current scientific knowledge,
  • be able to plan, carry out and evaluate their own future professional activities,
  • the ability to deal critically with artistic, pedagogical, music-theoretical and scientific issues and, building on this, the ability to conduct independent scientific and artistic-scientific research,
  • be able to plan and carry out their own projects.

The Master's degree program in Instrumental (Vocal) Pedagogy is divided into the following artistic, pedagogical and academic module groups:

  • Central artistic subject (ZKF)
  • Artistic profile of the ZKF
  • Chamber music/ensemble
  • Academic and pedagogical subjects
  • Focus (compulsory electives), free electives
  • Project module/Master's thesis
  • The Master's examination (= the Master's degree) consists of the positive completion of the courses and examinations of all modules, the writing of a Master's thesis and the board examinations.  The board examinations include an internal and an external artistic examination at the ZKF as well as the project presentation of the Project Module/Master's Thesis module.

Link to the semester plan (select study & instrument yourself)

Admission requirements

Admission to the Master's degree program requires the completion of a relevant Bachelor's degree program or another equivalent degree program at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution. 

For internal and external applicants, admission to the respective Master's degree program is only possible after fulfilling the admission requirements and subject to the availability of study places.

Applicants must also prove their artistic and pedagogical potential to complete the respective Master's degree program as part of an entrance examination

In any case, a Bachelor's degree in Instrumental & Vocal Pedagogy with the same Central Artistic Subject at the Mozarteum University is considered to be equivalent to the Master's degree in Instrumental & Vocal Pedagogy. If the equivalence is basically given and only individual supplements to the full equivalence are missing, the Rectorate is entitled to combine the determination of equivalence with the requirement of proof of performance, which must be taken within the first two semesters of the respective Master's program.

Registration for the entrance examination

Registration for the entrance examination takes place via the registration portal for applicants.
Please note that the automatic email to activate the account can often be found in the spam folder, so please be sure to check there if you think you have not received it. If you still have problems activating your account, please contact

Registration may only take place at one study location, Salzburg or Innsbruck. Double registration at both study locations is not permitted and will be deregistered.

Documents required for online registration

  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form with photo
  • Bachelor's degree certificate (or degree certificate from an equivalent IGP program)
  • Official confirmation of the main subject/instrument, if this is not clear from the other documents (e.g. "Bachelor of Music" is not sufficient!)
  • (final) certificates as well as examination and grade transcripts of all previous artistic and/or pedagogical studies
  • German language certificate, if applicable

Form of the documents

  • The documents can be uploaded as PDF files in the application form.
  • If the above documents are not available in German or English, an official translation must be submitted.

PLEASE NOTE: Communication takes place via email. Unfortunately, our emails (some of which are created automatically) are classified as spam by some providers. This particularly affects GMail addresses. Please check your spam folder regularly or change your spam settings.

The entrance examination for the Master's degree program in Instrumental (Vocal) Pedagogy consists of the following parts:

  • Central artistic subject (ZKF)
  • Music Pedagogy
  • for applicants whose first language is not German: Proof of German language skills at level B2 by means of a recognized certificate or supplementary examination

The examination requirements are regulated in the implementation guidelines, information on the German certificates can be found HERE.

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