All inclusive?! aspects of inclusive music and dance education

Music, Music Education
Heike Henning [Hg.]

In their contributions, the authors explore the mechanisms, power structures and traditions that may prevent participation in art and culture, and what offers are needed to enable everyone to participate. This is not only because the possibility for everyone to participate in art and culture has now been established as a state obligation, but also because when we talk about inclusion, we always mean everyone. This volume presents both theoretical considerations and concrete practical examples of inclusive music and dance education.

Innsbruck Perspectives on Music Education, Volume 2

With contributions by
Stephanie Bangoura, Persson Perry Baumgartinger, Marc  Brand, Regina Brandhuber,  Bettina Büttner-Krammer, Julia Eibl,  Erik Esterbauer, Martina Fladerer, Stefan Greuter, Mona Heiler, Beate Hennenberg, Heike Henning, Mirjam Hoffmann, Julia Lutz, Anita Moser, Lisa Pfahl,  Michelle Proyer, Renate Reitinger,  Bernhard Richarz, Virginie Roy,  Shirley Salmon, Nora Schnabl-Andritsch, Christine Schönherr,  Michael Turinsky, Evelyne Walser-Wohlfarter, Hana Zanin-Pauknerová

Waxmann, Münster, 2020

ISBN 978-3-8309-4276-4