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Petra Music


Senior Lecturer for FluteDepartment Music Education Innsbruck
Petra Music is Senior Lecturer for flute and instrumental didactics at the Department of Music Education Innsbruck. Her artistic work includes solo, orchestral and chamber music projects on historical and modern instruments. Petra Music is a sought-after workshop lecturer and competition adjudicator and is in constant exchange with the international flute scene at flute festivals. She publishes regularly in professional journals.
Petra Music completed her studies in Austria, Italy and the USA (Doctorate in Flute Performance and Literature UIUC, master studies in concert flute and IGP (KUG), Traverso (Verona) with distinction. She also completed a diploma in German Philology in Graz. As an artist and pedagogue, Petra loves stylistic diversity. After an intensive focus on New Music, Petra is currently dedicating herself to the historical repertoire on original instruments from the Renaissance to Romanticism. The aspect of improvisation is the focus of her work. This topic can be found in a wide variety of styles in Petra's pedagogical work, which seeks to encourage immediate creative musical expression through natural learning concepts such as "play".