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The training at the Department for Vocal Studies is tailored to the needs of singers in the 21st century, who can take on roles with demanding physical requirements and are also trained to work with colleagues, directors and conductors from all over the world. The renowned faculty inspires and encourages students to find their own voice and work for it at their own pace. Numerous opportunities to gain stage experience in the immediate vicinity of the Salzburg Festival round out the program.


Singing lessons already played an important role when the Mozarteum was founded in 1841 - this has not changed until today. The professional practice for singers has changed considerably: In addition to excellent vocal and musical qualities, high expectations are also placed on performing skills. The study program prepares students for the many realities of life as a singer.

In addition, vocal pedagogy offers a practice-oriented, artistic, pedagogical and scientific education in a variety of studies, which in its interdisciplinarity and diversity represents a contemporary preparation for a variety of future professional fields in a changing professional world.

Concert Studies


  • Preisträger*innen der Kulturfondpreise Stadt Salzburg 2023 | © Wildbild/Doris Wild

    On November 27, the 2023 Cultural Fund Awards of the City of Salzburg were presented at the Solitär. Among others, Andreas Bernhofer, Thomas Ballhausen and Gordon Safari from the Mozarteum University were honored.

    Awards & Successes
  • VOCES8 | © Andy Staples

    The English vocal ensemble Voces8 is one of the world's leading a cappella formations. The three ladies and five gentlemen set standards in unaccompanied solo singing in terms of intonation, legato culture, vocal homogeneity and stylistic diversity. Voces8 celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2023. At the invitation of the Mozarteum University and the Salzburg Bach Society, the ensemble will be available for a workshop on November 20.

  • © Elsa Okazaki
    We warmly welcome! 

    On October 1, six new university professors, mezzo-soprano Zoryana Kushpler, pianist Ya-Fei Chuang, guitarist Andrea De Vitis, innovation researcher and computer scientist Christopher Lindinger, violist Muriel Razavi and violist Sào Soulez Larivière, began their work at the Mozarteum University. We warmly welcome them!




  • 1.3.—27.3.2024
    Study concerts March 2024
    Study concerts (or "class evenings") are concerts in which students of the Mozarteum University perform on stage. They are either organised as part of courses or by the respective departments - and can be experienced with free admission.
    Study concert
    · Free
  • 12.3.
    06:00 pm
    Graduate concert Voice: Mengqian Xu
    Student with Andreas Macco
    Graduate Concert
    · Free
  • 12.3.
    07:30 pm
    Graduate concert Lied & Oratorio: Tamara Ivanis
    Student with Stephan Genz
    Graduate Concert
    · Free
  • 19.3.
    08:00 pm
    Kleines Studio
    Wo die Rose spricht und das Wasser klingt ...
    Can one or more electric guitars be played like a kind of piano? How far away is the accordion from a piano in terms of sound? The two contemporary composers are not only represented by their vocal compositions, but also by their instruments.
    · Free
  • 25.4.
    06:00 pm
    With Zoryana Kushpler (mezzo-soprano) and Donka Angatscheva (piano) Works by Dvorak, Liatosjynski, Stepovyi, Montsalvatge, Piazzolla and others
    · Free

Opera productions

  • Elegie für junge Liebende | © Judith Buss

    "What qualities must a person possess in order to dominate both dramaturgically and vocally in an opera?" and "What must a man of mature age look like who is in close relationships with a crazy old lady, a young girl and a doctor at the same time?"

    Opera production
  • Hänsel & Gretel | © Fabian Helmich

    With her production, Rosamund Gilmore embarked on a journey into the subconscious and combined the deep psychological layers of the fairy tale with the film-visualized works of Claudia Lehmann's students.

    Opera production
  • Elissa / Dido & Aeneas | © Fabian Helmich

    More than 330 years after the premiere of the only complete opera by Henry Purcell, the French composer Henry Fourès composes a setting for Dido and Aeneas and calls it "Elissa". A second name for the queen that allows the character to exist on its own, without direct ties to Aeneas.

    Opera production
  • Cosí fan tutte | © Judith Buss
    Wolfgang Amadé Mozart: Così fan tutte 

    The young officers Ferrando and Guilelmo* do not want to let their fatherly friend Don Alfonso get away with it - after all, he doubts the fidelity of their fiancée! But instead of the demanded duel, they accept his proposal of a wager and thus become handmaidens in the work of destroying their love relationships.

    Opera production
  • Viele Personen drängen sich um einen Tisch | © Judith Buss
    Benjamin Britten: Albert Herring 

    After A Midsummer Night's Dream and Owen Wingrave, the Department of Opera & Music Theater at the Mozarteum University will once again devote itself to Benjamin Britten's abysmal music-theatrical oeuvre. This winter semester, two of his masterpieces will be performed: Albert Herring in December 2022 will be followed by The Turn of the Screw in January 2023.

    Opera production
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Regina Prasser | © Elsa Okazaki
Regina Prasser

Senior Lecturer for Voice, Elocution / Rhetoric, Children & Youth Voice Education (Music Education)

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