Almira Kreimel | © Elsa Okazaki

Almira Kreimel


Senior Lecturer / Correpetitor for musical rehearsal & teacher for compulsory subject pianoDepartment Vocal Studies

Described by the opera magazine "Der Neue Merker" as a "colorfully interpreting excellent pianist" and a "versatile and competent virtuoso supporting the singers", Almira Kreimel has already performed on many international stages as well as at the Salzburg Festival. In Austria, Germany, France, Russia, Italy and Spain she performed equally as a chamber musician as well as a soloist. From 2014-2019 she worked as a study assistant and as a lecturer at the Institute for Mozart Interpretation under the direction of DDr. h. c. Josef Wallnig and successfully accompanied numerous concerts and projects. Since 2018 she teaches compulsory piano and since 2021 she is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Vocal Studies.