ULG Music & Dance in Social Work and Integrative Education

University course

We understand music, movement and art as fundamental. Therefore, the university course in the artistic-pedagogical offer refers to the curricula for elemental schools and enables teachers to realize the areas of work listed in the curriculum for music education, the "Didactic Principles" in the classroom and to teach interdisciplinary (in connection with languages, physical education and sports).

Department of Elemental Music & Dance Education - Orff-Institute

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2 semesters / 16,5 ECTS-AP


Registration deadline
until 1 September 2023


University course

In the artistic-pedagogical work, the participants are encouraged to go in search of the artistic, to discover the creative in themselves, to expand their repertoire of methods and to refine their abilities to deal competently with creative impulses of their students.

Elemental music and movement pedagogy encompasses and integrates all musical, dance and movement subject areas that appear to be of central importance for an artistic-pedagogical education.

Essential foundations are the connection and interrelation of speech and voice, music and movement, dance and art as well as their interdisciplinary inspiration. Fundamental and characteristic for elemental music and movement education is the artistic-pedagogical and creative handling of music, language and dance in the work with groups. Special working principles are derived from this: Exploration, improvisation, composition, reproduction, reception and reflection.

General information

The university course is aimed at educators of all disciplines, musicians who are interested in the use of music and dance in social work and integrative as well as inclusive education. 

For admission, proof of a university degree in education or a degree related to education or proof of a relevant professional qualification is required (please submit a copy of the degree certificate for registration). Admission is granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration must be made using the registration form (when activated) no later than two months before the start of the course.

The course lasts two semesters, includes compulsory subjects of 11 semester hours and takes place on 8 weekends from Friday 4 p.m. to Sunday 1 p.m., maximum group size: 16. The course comprises a total of 165 hours of teaching.

The course fees are a one-time fee of Euro 1,800. In addition, the ÖH fee must be paid regularly.

The degree consists of the positive completion of the required courses.

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