University course - Music & Dance in Social Work and Integrative Education

University course
Musik & Tanz in Sozialer Arbeit und Integrativer Pädagogik | © Raphael Mittendorfer

The university course "Music and Dance in Social Work and Integrative Pedagogy" (MTSI) provides training and further education in artistic and pedagogical skills. The aim is to promote the musical, dance and language skills of participants in a wide variety of fields of work with diversity contexts and to fulfill the social mission of inclusion.


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2 semesters / 16,5 ECTS-AP


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September 2nd 2024


University course

The diverse person-oriented methodical use of music and movement supports the goals of modern social work, namely to develop an integrative and inclusive, supportive and mediating social balance between the many different living environments of a modern society.

Through the use of music, dance and language in various fields of integrative/inclusive education, the aim is to promote cognitive, emotional, sensorimotor and social abilities and skills. In addition, the pedagogical-artistic work should utilize unused potential and support people in their individual development and creativity.

General information

The university course is aimed at educators from all disciplines as well as musicians and dancers who are interested in the use of music and dance in social work and inclusive education.

E.G: Graduates of art universities, conservatories, teacher training colleges, teacher training colleges, social academies, schools for curative education professions, educational institutions for elementary education, universities of applied sciences for social work and social pedagogy, universities and related institutions.

For admission, proof of a university degree in education or related to education or proof of a relevant professional qualification must be provided (please submit a copy of the degree certificate when registering). Admission is granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration must be made using the registration form (if active) no later than one month before the start of the course.

The course lasts two semesters, comprises compulsory subjects amounting to 11 semester hours and takes place on 8 weekends from Friday 4 p.m. to Sunday 1 p.m., maximum group size: 16. The course comprises a total of 165 hours.

The course fees are a one-off charge of Euro 2,200. In addition, the ÖH contribution must be paid regularly.

The degree consists of the positive completion of the required courses and the submission of documentation on a project carried out in one's own field of activity. Participants receive a detailed certificate for the university course.



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