Opera & Music Theatre

Oper L'Incoronazione Di Poppea | © Judith Buss

The Department of Opera & Musical Theatre is a beacon with special charisma and appeal. Every year, two opera classes consisting of up to 15 highly talented students are prepared by renowned theatre makers for the high demands of an international opera career. Four staged opera productions with orchestra are performed annually in a theatre equipped to the highest technical standards.

Current productions

  • 21.4.2024
    10:30 am
    Max Schlereth Saal
    Interpretation workshop with Alessandro Corbelli (internal)
    Interpretation workshop on Giuseppe Verdi's last opera Falstaff with the baritone Alessandro Corbelli. He was trained by Giuseppe Valdengo and Claude Thiolas and made his operatic debut in 1973.
    · Free
  • 15.5.—18.5.2024
    Max Schlereth Saal
    Students from the Mozarteum University perform Verdi's late comedy - his legacy about the vices and weaknesses of mankind, at the end of which the old composer takes a step back, doffs his black hat and watches the floundering characters struggle for the last remnants of their dignity.
  • 7.6.—9.6.2024
    Ariadne on Naxos
    Is it possible to perform the comic intermezzo "Zerbinetta and her lovers" and the tragic opera "Ariadne" at the same time? The richest man in Vienna wants it that way and so it has to be.
  • 18.6.—21.6.2024
    Max Schlereth Saal
    W. A. Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro
    With Le nozze di Figaro, Gernot Sahler and Alexander von Pfeil's opera class is continuing its Da Ponte cycle, which began with Così fan tutte in May 2023.


News & Previous productions

  • Lehár Theater Bad Ischl | © Daniel Leitner / www.badischl.at
    Evil Operetta 

    As part of the Salzkammergut Capital of Culture 2024, the Lehár Theatre in Bad Ischl, in cooperation with the Mozarteum University and the Lehár Festival, will be the venue for a short operetta festival that aims to revive the operetta condemned by the National Socialists. The aim: short, topical, critical.

  • Elegie für junge Liebende | © Judith Buss

    "What qualities must a person possess in order to dominate both dramaturgically and vocally in an opera?" and "What must a man of mature age look like who is in close relationships with a crazy old lady, a young girl and a doctor at the same time?"

    Opera production

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Oper Il Campiello | © Christian Schneider
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Gernot Sahler | © Elsa Okazaki
Gernot Sahler

Univ.-Prof. for Musical Dramatic Representation (musical) / Head of Mozart:Forum

Department Head
Kai Röhrig | © Elsa Okazaki
Kai Röhrig

Univ..Prof. for Musical Dramatic Representation (musical)

Deputy Department Head
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