Working Group for Equal Treatment Issues


The Working Group for Equal Treatment Issues is a collegial body established by the Senate in accordance with the Universities Act 2002. Its tasks and rights arising from the legal basis of the Universities Act and the Federal Equal Treatment Act are exercised by the individual AKG members or by the AKG as a body.

Florian Müller
+43 676 88122 368

Daniela Leitner
+43 676 88122 436


The following objectives are central concerns:

  • Creating a positive, appreciative and non-discriminatory working environment
  • To conduct fair and transparent recruitment procedures
  • Equality between women and men
  • Implementation of the women's advancement plan in cooperation with the Institute for Equality and Gender Studies
  • Gender-sensitive language


The measures derived from the objectives determine the work of the working group

  • Raising awareness to promote a humane working environment.
  • Intervene against discriminatory actions and behaviour based on gender, ethnicity, religion or belief, age, sexual orientation.
  • Working towards gender-equitable use of language.
  • Confidential counselling in cases of sexual and other harassment.
  • Mediation in cases of unequal pay.
  • Exercise of information, participation and control rights in staffing, admission and appointment procedures.
  • Reviewing the legally required gender-equitable composition of university collegial bodies.
  • Collaboration in the implementation of gender equality and participation in the development of new strategies to reconcile university work and family life.
  • Networking with internal and inter-university institutions.
  • Use of further training offers on the essential concerns of the areas of responsibility.
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