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  • Tape it! Tixohalter | © Marie Gruber

    In the "GOODGOODS - from experiment to mass production" project, students developed a product together with detailed instructions that show the production process broken down into individual steps and can therefore be mass produced - even by someone else.

    Student project
  • Masken - Julia Burgholzer

    Masks can be grotesque, sacred, mysterious, beautiful, terrifying, frightening and much more. They show and conceal at the same time. Masks have two sides. They oscillate between the inside and the outside - connecting and separating at the same time. They allow us to change roles, to role-play and are also a metaphor for our social role behaviour. Masks are an offer to change.

    Student project
  • Lieblingsding - Alba Belhadj Merzoug
    Favorite Thing 

    Some things stay with us for many years. Often stowed away in drawers, they are never thrown away. They have a personal history. We value them. They are mementos. Some things we wouldn't want to be without. They accompany us, they are a home for us, a connection. They are favourite things. How can favourite things provide inspiration for new things?

    Student project
  • Frau mit Applikationen, die sie nach hinten und vorne sehen lässt | © Patrick Schaudy
    The Learning Body 

    How can (physical) boundaries be overcome? What has the body not yet learnt? An experimental research & co-operation project on the modification of bodies & their limits from Gestaltung: Technik.Textil with the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.

    Student project
  • Open House - Rundgang Bildenden Künste & Gestaltung 2023 | © Michael Klimt
    Plant Cube 

    The collaborative greenhouse of the sculpture class combines botany and synthetics; in doing so, it aims to fuse natural processes such as growth with long-term toxic materials such as (micro/macro) plastic. In this work, the students address the theme of "nature:art" from a wide variety of perspectives. Thus, working groups have each focused on space, growth and object and united them in the common greenhouse.

    Student project
  • 2023_STORIES_Rebecca Hofmann I Hirngespinste | © Rebecca Hofmann

    Textiles, with their many inherent stories, are an expression of our identity. They are a reflection of social structures and community identities. They are mediators between the individual and the community. As clothing for the body, space and objects, they provide information about cultural and social everyday life.

    Student project
  • Pop-Up-Minigolf
    Pop up mini golf 

    The task set was to build a mini-golf. During the semester, the ten students worked together to design and implement a mini-golf system that is easy to pack up and transport: the Pop-Up Mini-golf!

    Student project
  • JOIN Collective

    Join Collective Clothes is a design and research project that explores fashion as a collective practice and focuses on making and wearing clothes together. It is a modular clothing system that invites people to create clothes together, in a group.

    Student project
  • Ausstellung Parkvisionen | © Christian Schneider
    Park visions 

    St. Virgil is a center for education, conference and hotel. The Wilhelm Holzbauer building (1976) is surrounded by a spacious park, which in the future will be used as a place for learning and teaching, communication, action and contemplation under the open sky.

    Student project
  • LOOM_Franca Tildach I LOOM - Weben um zu Leben..

    Every souvenir (memory) has a narrative core. it is based on an invisible story. at the latest, when every trash can be a souvenir, it becomes obvious that the souvenir does not speak for itself. it needs a context, a story. souvenirs are transmitters of stories, experienced stories, they are souvenirs.

    Student project
  • Rundgang 2021 | © Fabian Schober

    Student project
  • 3D-Druck Textil

    Introduction to the experimental use of the 3D printer: processing and deformation of textile materials - Playing. Mita works by Bettina Aichinger, Iris Bruch, Clara Elixmann, Vanessa Franziska Friedl, Marie-Christin Julia Fritz, Verena Laireiter, Linda Elisabeth Nicolussi and Angelika Schlosser

    Student project
  • K-Kleibel-McGee - Der Cipher

    Student project
  • Julia Promegger - Fülmi | © Julia Promegger 

    Student project
  • Linda Nicolussi: Jeamono

    The kimono is often seen in its uniqueness as a symbol of Japan and an important part of Japanese tradition and culture. It is considered timeless in its form and yet is also a mirror of cultural change. It is in many ways a source of inspiration for fashion designers worldwide.

    Student project
  • B. Aichinger - Reglass

    Design is increasingly turning to questions of social design and process design. Cooking and eating: In company or alone? Digital or analog? Slow food or fast food? Made with love or industrial?

    Student project