tradition2go: between culture and madness

Student project
© Bernhard Gwiggner

Students of the sculpture class of the Department of Fine Arts & Design take a contemporary look at objects from the collection in a co-operation with the Salzburg Museum on the occasion of the anniversary "100 Years of the Folklore Museum in the Monatsschlössl". 

Artistic interventions in Hellbrunn Park and on the mountain

Exhibition period:
4 May to 23 June

"Masks, traditional costumes, cult objects..." confront us with our own experiences of folk cultures, everyday myths, identities and traditions, inspire the development of individual interpretations, questioning and scrutinising and serve as content-related and/or formal starting points for the design of artistic interventions in Hellbrunn Park and on the mountain.

The trail invites viewers to search associatively for connections between past and present. Legends, customs, identities, traditions ... what do they have to do with us today?


  • FRAU - Carina Wenger
  • DU - Rebecca Hofmann
  • Thanks be to Bam - Melina Harting
  • Pass through - Linda Kudla
  • The coronation of life - Alina Voithofer
  • Tobias Zeliss - Vitulus Simplex
  • The Masks - Marc Itzinger
  • Intoxication - Jennifer Klein
  • Eye in the forest - Matthias Zeintl

Concept and organisation:
Bernhard Gwiggner, Anna Engl, Reinhard Gupfinger, Christel Kiesel

Students from Gestaltung: Technik.Textil were involved in the opening with their project "Masks".

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Artists & cooperation partners

© Salzburg Museum/Maurice Rigaud