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2023_STORIES_Rebecca Hofmann I Hirngespinste | © Rebecca Hofmann

Textiles, with their many inherent stories, are an expression of our identity. They are a reflection of social structures and community identities. They are mediators between the individual and the community. As clothing for the body, space and object, they provide information about cultural and social everyday life. By designing textiles, we actively shape our cultural and social everyday life. Just like language, textiles define our identity. We can express ourselves with both, tell stories with them and create fundamental orders.

Project Textile (BA) Winter Semester 2022/23

(Study Design: Technology.Textile)

Frauke von Jaruntowski, Christina Leitner, Susanne Roittner-Nething, Maria Wengler

The semester theme STORIES is about developing a personal textile story.
story. Based on your own design, different techniques are used in the textile realisation.
techniques are used: Printing, weaving, folding, embroidery, sewing, cutting and dyeing.
With the design of their own patterns and ornaments, students also gain basic experience in composition and proportion.
and proportion as well as the relationship between colour and form.
and form. 

The result is a series of textiles/fabrics that relate to each other in terms of content and form - a story.
to each other - a story. STORIES is part of the #LOOM project.


Clara Elixmann
Melanie Ematinger
Anna Ernst
Vanessa Friedl
Sophia Grillberger
Rebecca Hofmann
Kevin Klinger
Klara Mock
Toni Ofner
Martin Rohal
Lucia Sonvilla
Lukas Stangl
Franca Tildach
Stephanie Unteregger