Master Projects Design: Technology.Textile

Student project
Paulina Krasser I Mammona

Alexander Feuchter – Tradwife
Paulina Krasser – Mammona
Eva Lechner – Tante Martha

Project Textile (MA) Winter Semester 2022/23

(Study Design: Technology.Textile)

Frauke von Jaruntowski, Maria Wengler

Eva Lechner - Aunt Martha

"After Aunt Martha's passing, all her textile treasures went to me. Special
fascination for me were the dirndl fabrics she had hoarded in her flat.
she had hoarded in her apartment. Aunt Martha also left me two needlework textbooks from 1971 and a needlework book from the library.
The idea for an Aunt Martha-inspired project fell into my lap.
project fell into my lap: an exploration of the techniques of sewing,
quilting and crochet using her textbooks and materials."

Alexander Feuchter - Tradwife

"This project deals specifically with the role models of the 50s and 60s.
The image of the perfect housewife and the family-supporting husband are portrayed with
codes and aesthetics that we all know from the advertisements of these decades.
of these decades. This topic is currently explosive due to a movement that has been
movement that has emerged in recent years under the hashtag #tradwifes on different
social media platforms. Young women are playing with the aesthetics of the 50s and promoting the
and promote the lifestyle of the traditional housewife. On this theme, an
printed and embroidered tea towels have been created."

Paulina Krasser - Mammona

Who am I?
Human being in consumer society.

What do I do?
Consuming, making art, being consumed.

What am I doing with "Mammona"?
An attempt to make visible the too much of being a consumerist.