TO BEE: Parklets for the city of Salzburg

Student project
Parklets | © Stadt Salzburg / Rocio Escabosa

Parklets to linger, for people and bees: On June 28, two parklets were opened in the city of Salzburg, one of which is TO BEE, a project by students at the Department of Fine Arts & Design (Design: Technik.Textil).

Projekt Technik
Sommersemester 2023

(Studium Gestaltung: Technik.Textil)

Corina Forthuber, Stefano Mori, Michael Dorfer, Timo Jakobi, Beate Seckauer

Turning parking space into staging area: for people and bees.

Parklets are small rest and seating areas set up in parking lots, parks, or other public spaces. They usually consist of elements such as seating areas, plants, lighting, rain protection, bicycle parking or other installations.

Two new parklets in the city of Salzburg were presented on June 28, one by Soziale Arbeit gGmbh at Willibald Hauthaler Straße 25 and one at Membergerstraße 1 by students of the Design: Technology.Textiles program at the Department of Fine Arts & Design. TO BEE was created in just one semester and invites people as well as insects to stay just around the corner from the "Bienenlieb-Imkerei".

The contributors are Melanie Ematinger, Anna Marina Ernst, Lyudmyla Fanninger, Sophia Caterina Grillberger, Rebecca Hofmann, Mirjam Kämmerer, Agnes Elena Kern, Kevin Klinger, Linda Kudla, Eva Lechner, Klara Mock, Lucia Sonvilla, Stephanie Unterberger & Jonathan Emanuel Wendt (supervision: Corina Forthuber, Stefano Mori, Michael Dorfer, Timo Jakobi, Beate Seckauer).

The parklets are open to all passers-by until September 17 for gathering, lingering, discovering and relaxing.

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Gruppenfoto Universität Mozarteum und Soziale Arbeit gGmbH: Parklets | © Stadt Salzburg / Rocio Escabosa