ULG String Quartet (Hagen Quartet)

University course
Hagen Quartett | © Christian Schneider

Quartet playing at the highest level. The members of the Hagen Quartet invite all ensembles that are seriously dedicated to quartet playing and already make music at a high standard to attend this course. With the aim of developing concert programs and preparing for participation in international competitions, the main focus is on the interpretation of great works from different stylistic periods.

Study & Examination Management
+43 676 88122 492

3 semesters / 60 ECTS credits

Language of Instruction

Registration deadline
from February each year 
to the dates

Admission examinations
summer semester each year
to the dates


Each quartet receives instruction from all members of the Hagen Quartet during the course and in this way experiences interpretive considerations from all positions. The ensembles and their individual members are offered a comprehensive musical education; chamber music is more predestined for this than any other field.

General information

The university course is aimed at graduates of a relevant artistic study program at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary educational institution (e.g.: Bachelor's, Master's or Diploma program). Especially desired are string quartets that have already played together.

For admission, proof of completed studies and of having passed the admission examination for the university course for string quartets must be submitted.

A prerequisite for admission is passing the entrance examination. For this, an online application is required, during which the necessary documents are checked. Only after examination of the completely submitted documents and positive evaluation of the own works an invitation to the admission examination takes place.

Dates & time schedule

  • Examination registration during the application period via the registration portal for applicants
  • if the application video is evaluated positively and the documents are reviewed positively: Invitation to the on-site admission examination
  • Participation in the on-site admission examination in May/June
  • If the admission examination is passed: Invitation to enroll in the university course
  • Enrollment during the general admission period

Required documents for online registration

  • BA transcript and MA transcript or final transcript of a relevant degree program, if the degree program has already been completed
  • Current confirmation of enrollment, if the degree program has not yet been completed (the transcript must be submitted by the time of enrollment!)
  • Overview of subjects and grades of the BA and MA studies (Transcript of Records)
  • official confirmation of the main subject, if this is not evident from the other documents (e.g. "Bachelor of Music" is not sufficient!)
  • Application video

Form of the documents

  • The documents can be uploaded as PDF in the application form, the video will be entered as a link.
  • If the documents mentioned are not available in German or English, an official translation must be submitted.

Application video

Based on the submitted videos, a pre-selection will be made by the examination board. Important information about the video upload can be found HERE, as well as the data protection information. The guidelines mentioned there must be observed!

The entrance examination

If an invitation to the admission examination is issued, an instrumental audition must be performed on site to determine artistic aptitude. The program presented must include representative pieces from several styles or epochs for the respective instrument, taking into account the technical and stylistic diversity. The works must be performed from memory (exception for modern and contemporary works after consultation with the examination committee).
The following works must be prepared:

  • TBD

An experienced répétiteur will be available during the examination; unfortunately, communication rehearsals are not possible. Music material must be brought along by the student.

Final examination

The final examination consists of the positive completion of the courses and the intermediate examination as well as the positively completed final examination in the form of a public concert.

The course fees are Euro 500,- per semester.

Performance opportunities at university concerts and events inside and outside Salzburg are part of the course.

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