Orchestral Conducting

Post graduate
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The postgraduate university course serves to deepen the artistic knowledge and skills acquired in the ordinary studies and to perfect musical and instrumental technical skills. Performance opportunities at university concerts and events are offered, electives and free electives can be optionally taken for further specialization as required and offered.

General information

Admission to a Postgraduate University Course (PGL) requires the closure of a subject-related Master's degree or diploma programme at a recognised Austrian or foreign post-secondary educational institution in the respective central artistic subject. Admission with a pedagogical degree such as teaching degree or instrumental & vocal pedagogy is NOT possible.

A prerequisite for admission to a university course is also the successful completion of the admission examination. For this, an online application is required first, during which the necessary documents are checked. Only after the examination of the completely submitted documents and positive assessment of the application video will an invitation to the admission examination be issued.

ATTENTION: The examination of the documents of the preliminary studies can take up to 4 weeks! Early registration is therefore recommended.

Necessary documents for online registration

  • BA transcript and MA transcript or final transcript of an equivalent degree programme, if the degree programme has already been completed
  • Current confirmation of enrolment if the degree programme has not yet been completed (the certificate must be submitted by the time of enrolment!)
  • overview of subjects and grades of the BA and MA degree programmes (Transcript of Records)
  • Official confirmation of the main subject/instrument, if this is not evident from the other documents (e.g. "Bachelor of Music" is not sufficient!)
  • Application video

Form of the documents

  • The documents can be uploaded as PDF in the application form, the video will be entered as a link.
  • If the documents mentioned are not available in German or English, an official translation must be submitted.

Application video

On the basis of the videos sent in, a pre-selection will be made by the examination committee. The following excerpt from the examination programme PGL Orchestral Conducting is to be uploaded on a video platform of choice:

  • Conducting with ensemble (consisting of at least 5 ensemble members) of a work of choice

Please ensure in advance that the persons captured on video and audio have given their consent to the audio and video recordings and submission as part of the admission examination. In this respect, the University Mozarteum Salzburg is to be fully indemnified and held harmless.

The total length of the recording should be approx. 15 minutes.
Important information on video uploads can be found HERE, as well as the data protection information. The guidelines mentioned there are to be observed urgently!

The entrance examination

If you have received an invitation to the entrance examination on the basis of your application video, you will have to take the following partial examinations to determine your artistic aptitude.

A - Online interview to determine artistic aptitude

In the online interview with the examination board on motivation, background, previous studies and expectations, the submitted video will also be discussed. For this purpose, an interview date and a link to a video conferencing tool will be sent in advance. Please make sure that a good internet connection is available at the time indicated (probably mid-April); a PC/laptop with camera/microphone is also necessary. The interview will take place via ZOOM and will last approximately 10 minutes. After passing Partial Examination A, you will be admitted to Partial Examination B.

B - Examination Choral Conducting

Rehearsal with orchestra (conducting two works from different stylistic periods, approx. 10 minutes):

  • Brahms: Symphony No. 1, op. 68, first, second and fourth movements.
  • Mozart: Le nozze di Figaro, no. 27 (26) recitative and aria Figaro; no. 18 (17) recitative and aria Count; no. 20 (19) recitative and aria Countess
  • First round with ensemble, second round with piano. 
  • The choice of pieces or movements is at the discretion of the examination committee.

Conducting with piano (approx. 10 minutes):

  • Conducting an Accompagnato Recitative (e.g. W. A. Mozart: Magic Flute, No. 8, Finale, Recitativo "Die Weisheitslehre dieser Knaben ..." up to m. 159, so-called Speaker Scene) or a movement from a piano concerto or violin concerto of the highest level of difficulty.

Dates and timetable

The dates of the entrance examination as well as important deadlines can be found in the current schedule
Time schedule:

  • Examination registration during the application period online via the registration portal for university applicants
    (ATTENTION: Registration only possible if documents are complete, including video!)
  • If the application video is positive: Invitation to the on-site entrance examination
  • Participation in the on-site admission test in May/June
  • if you pass the admission test: invitation to enrol in the course
  • Enrolment during the general admission period

Different examination method

Please note that the University Mozarteum Salzburg offers various support options for the admission examination and during your studies if you have a disability or a chronic illness.

If this applies to you and you would like to take advantage of counselling, please contact Claudia Haitzmann: claudia.haitzmann@moz.ac.at or +43 676 88122 337.

A course fee and the ÖH fee must be paid per semester for participation in the university course.

Information on the current level of fees can be found HERE.

The course basically includes 2 semester hours per week of tuition in the central artistic subject. In addition, electives and free electives can be taken. Performance opportunities at university concerts and events both inside and outside Salzburg are part of the course.

The duration of the course is 2 semesters. With the approval of the teacher in the central artistic subject and the vice rector for teaching, it is possible to extend the course by one or two semesters.

Link to the semester plan

The final examination consists of the positive completion of the courses from the Central Artistic Subject. A final certificate can be issued on request.

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