Institute for Equality & Gender Studies

Details: Holzmarionette an Fäden | © Christian Schneider

The Institute for Equality & Gender Studies is dedicated to gender research, but also to the advancement of women in the sense of the Women's Advancement Plan  as well as to the creation of gender- and family-friendly working conditions at the University Mozarteum. 

Institute for Equality & Gender Studies

Mirabellplatz 1
5020 Salzburg

The supplementary course Arts, Gender, Research was established as a new offering. The aim is to acquire well-founded theoretical and methodological knowledge of gender research from an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspective, with a particular focus on the arts. Furthermore, skills in critical analysis as well as in writing and artistic presentation of basic and applied questions are promoted, taking gender aspects into account.

The development of gender-sensitive solutions to problems is at the center of the program, as is the ability to shape forms of social organization, the training of skills for the exercise of gender equality agendas in various forms and, in general, knowledge of phenomena in the tense relationship between art production, reception and mediation, taking gender aspects into account.

Social Justice

The series of events titled “Social Justice” is based on the principles of radical intersectionality. The series relates to debates on current feminist revolutions and uprisings, while examining historical legacies of advanced feminist research, gender studies and queer theory and addressing sexuality and gender relations from an ethical perspective. By taking a critical stance towards all relations of production, the series seeks to contribute to the reduction of discrimination within the university and beyond by promoting social justice through access to democratic participation and the equal distribution of wealth and privilege for everybody.

“Social Justice” offers proposals how to expand gender/queer studies specifically in the arts. Being located in an art school, the heart of aesthetic reflection, the Social Justice series invests in emancipatory changes of forms, which are constitutive for all learning processes based on equality. It seeks to increase awareness for the importance of listening, performing and narrating, as well as analyzing, researching and differentiating. In addition to the involvement of people from within the university or institute as lecturers/workshop leaders, transnational experts are invited to enrich the university’s discoursive location with new perspectives and critical positions in order to tackle ideological hierarchies, elitism and social exclusion.


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Sarah Haslinger | © Elsa Okazaki
Sarah Haslinger

Univ.-Ass. for Salzburg Music History

Works council: artistic-scientific staff
Working Group for Equal Treatment Issues
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A Chance to Provide SafeR Spaces
What can art do to combat gender-based violence?

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