Sarah Nemtsov receives the Heidelberger Künstlerinnenpreis 2025

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Sarah Nemtsov | © Camille Blake

Sarah Nemtsov, renowned composer and university professor of composition at the Mozarteum University, receives the Heidelberger Künstlerinnenpreis 2025 for her outstanding contributions to contemporary music. The prize, which has been endowed with 10,000 euros since 2024, is one of the most important cultural prizes in Germany and the only prize in the world to be awarded exclusively to female composers.

In her unconventional musical language, Sarah Nemtsov combines various influences, from Renaissance and Baroque music to jazz, rock and electronic music. The jury of the Heidelberger Künstlerinnenpreis praised Nemtsov's work as a fascinating field of experimentation. The composer integrates percussion, performance, multimedia, playing with objects and instruments from different cultural contexts into her music. Her Jewish roots, which shaped her in Oldenburg and which she continues to develop in Berlin, are a strong foundation for her artistic work. The jury emphasised the unique blend of exploratory spirit and fragility that characterises her compositions: "Sarah Nemtsov provokes emotions and integrates autobiographical moments into her works. With her authentic style, she stands for diversity, participation and acceptance."

The Heidelberger Künstlerinnenpreis is awarded annually and is financed by the budget of the Heidelberg Theatre and Orchestra. The prizewinners include renowned artists such as Adriana Hölszky, Sofia Gubaidulina, Olga Neuwirth, Kaija Saariaho, Isabel Mundry and Jamilia Jazylbekova

The award ceremony for Sarah Nemtsov will take place in February 2025. To mark this honour, her work "Tikkun" will be performed as part of the 4th Philharmonic Concert on 5 February 2025, recorded by Deutschlandfunk and broadcast in the "Concert Document of the Week" series. The Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra will present Nemtsov's composition under the musical direction of designated General Music Director Mino Marani. 


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