Vocal Pedagogy

Judith Gallmetzer Stoutzker Prize | © Christian Schneider

The vocal pedagogy curriculum offers a practice-oriented, artistic, pedagogical and scientific education, which in its interdisciplinarity and diversity represents a contemporary preparation for a variety of future professional fields in a changing professional world.

Inspired - Artistic training in voice for all pedagogical majors, tailored to each student's level of training. Work on stylistically diverse repertoire. Training of instrument (voice) as well as performer:in. Individual artistic development up to artistic maturity. Advanced training in the form of master classes with renowned artists and teachers.

Informed - Vocal training in accordance with an artistic and pedagogical musical (performance practice, stylistics, repertoire) and vocal education (vocal pedagogy, voice physiology, voice research) based on current scientific research.

Reflective - Conscious handling of body, speech and voice. Didactic reflection on evidence-based, vocal pedagogical work and development processes. Development of teacher:inner personality. Research projects in the field of voice research. Organization of symposia and continuing education.


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Regina Prasser | © Elsa Okazaki
Regina Prasser

Voice Faculty, Elocution/Rhetoric, Children and Youth Voice Education (Music Education)

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