Supplementary study - International Expertise

Supplementary study

The cultural diversity of society also requires students to be sensitised to and engage with different cultural influences. The International Expertise supplementary course, which is mainly taught in English, contributes to internationalisation at home and abroad and enables students, including (Erasmus) incoming students, to expand their linguistic and intercultural skills.

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Basic module

Advanced module


General Information

A broad range of foreign-language teaching and study programmes contributes significantly to the internationalisation of universities, which is one of the goals Austria has set itself with the National Strategy for Higher Education Mobility and Internationalisation 2020-2030 (HMIS2030). A comprehensive internationalisation culture represents an attractive offer for students from Austria and abroad and is therefore an important building block for a future-oriented location policy. The added value of foreign-language teaching and study programmes also offers the opportunity to gain intercultural experience and establish contacts and networks.

Basic module
The following introductory courses from the compulsory section must be completed:

  • VO International Expertise (2 SWS/2 ECTS-Credits)
  • PS Transcultural Practice (2 SWS/2 ECTS-Credits)
    English language skills at level A2 are required
  • Freely selectable: In addition, recommended courses in the basic module must be selected from the courses offered by Mozarteum University Salzburg at the respective location, Salzburg or Innsbruck (8 ECTS-Credits).

The supplementary programme could be structured as follows, for example:

  • 4 ECTS-Credits (compulsory: VO International Expertise and PS Transcultural Practice)
  • 4-6 ECTS-Credits (language courses depending on the programme: e.g. German, Italian, French)
  • 2-4 ECTS-Credits (participation in artistic/international projects and/or courses, e.g. choir project One Peace, Opera out of Opera, short mobilities such as BIPs, mobility windows such as the International Exchange Week) OR 2-4 ECTS-Credits (thematically appropriate FWF in the field of sustainability, diversity, gender, S&C, international affairs, Salzburg or Austria-related, e.g. folk music)

Advanced module
The advanced module deepens the skills, abilities and knowledge acquired in the basic module. Individual focussing is possible depending on what is on offer. The courses of the advanced module are to be chosen from the recommended programme of Mozarteum University Salzburg at the respective location, Salzburg or Innsbruck (12 ECTS-Credits). English language skills at level A2 are required.

The study supplement is aimed at students of Mozarteum University Salzburg (at the study locations Salzburg and Innsbruck) and can be taken by all students of the bachelor, master, diploma and doctoral programmes as part of the free electives.

Students of other degree programmes can take part in the respective study supplement within the framework of the free electives (FWF), subject to available capacities. Students from other universities can be admitted as part of co-enrolment subject to available capacity (further information: Study and Examination Management of Mozarteum University Salzburg).

The crediting of courses from the supplementary programme is possible within the framework of the free electives. When attending individual courses, the course certificates can be used as part of the free electives.

Students have the opportunity to obtain a certificate for the basic module (12 ECTS-Credits) as well as for the advanced module (12 ECTS-Credits). The following certificates can be applied for after successful completion of the courses of the supplementary programme:

  • A certificate for the basic module for each supplementary study programme is issued after positive completion of the basic module with courses with different content (including the two compulsory courses) amounting to at least 12 ECTS-Credits.
  • A certificate for the advanced module for each supplementary study programme is issued after successful completion of the advanced module with further courses of different content amounting to at least 12 ECTS-Credits.

The examination certificates for the courses must be submitted in the specified digital form (individual certificates in PDF format as well as a list of courses) to the head of the respective study supplement for the purpose of checking the ECTS-Credits and the correct allocation of the completed courses. The certificates are then issued by the study and examination management of Mozarteum University Salzburg.

The International Expertise course supplement is organised and coordinated by the Institute for Coaching and Career at Mozarteum University Salzburg. The course programme is compiled on a semester-by-semester basis and supplemented as required.

Which courses take place as part of the supplementary study programmes?
The current courses on offer are announced each semester.

How do I register for individual courses?
Registration takes place via MOZonline. If external university courses are taken as part of a supplementary course, you must also register with the organising university (e.g. Paris Lodron University Salzburg).

How are the study supplements recognised and certified?
Certificates obtained for supplementary study programmes can be used twice:

  • In the case of a sufficient number of certificates for the basic or advanced module (12 ECTS-Credits each) of the respective study supplements or for the specialisation.
  • As part of the free electives (provided they are not compulsory subjects of your own degree programme).

How is the certificate issued?
Certificates for study supplements at Mozarteum University Salzburg:
After completing the required 12 ECTS-Credits for the basic module or advanced module, the courses must be entered in the course list and sent together with individual certificates in PDF format by e-mail to the respective head of the study supplement for verification. After the review, the head of the supplementary study programme must forward the documents to the Study and Examination Management for the issue of the certificate. The certificate must be collected from the Servicepoint of Mozarteum University Salzburg, Mirabellplatz 1 after it has been issued.