Leopold Mozart: chronicler and pioneer

Music, Music Education
Thomas Hochradner, Mchaela Schwarzbauer [Hg.]
Cover Musikwissenschaft

The documentation of a conference of the Working Focus Salzburg Music History and the Department of Music Education at the Mozarteum University (November 14-16, 2019)

Publications of the Research Center Salzburg Music History 10

with the collaboration of Stefanie Hiesel and Thomas Wozonig

Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag Vienna, 2022

A three-day symposium, organized by the Departments of Musicology (focus on Salzburg music history) and Music Education at the University Mozarteum Salzburg, traced with Leopold Mozart on the occasion of his 300th birthday in 2019 the relevance of a personality who has shaped musical life not only in the city of Salzburg, but far beyond. For through the jubilarian's erudition, powers of observation and literary activity, impulses still arise today for the work at a university of the arts, in instrumental teaching as well as in scientific discourse. Problems in the history of reception, interpretation research, performance practice, talent research, textbook design and instrumental pedagogy can be traced back to his profile.