Almanac of the Mozarteum University - Academic Year 2018/19


Publications on the History of the Mozarteum University
Volume 13

Hollitzer Vienna, 2020

ISSN 26-17 2550
ISBN 978-3-99012-789-6

Cover Almanach 2018/19


"Salzburg as a university city - a topic that received special attention in this academic year. With well over 700 public events per year as well as countless cooperations in the fields of education, culture and research the University Mozarteum Salzburg makes a not insignificant contribution to the life and prosperity of the city. The Baroque Festival, the Long Nights of Research, the Museums, the Churches, the participation in the Dialogues and the Mozart Weeks as well as the exhibition calendar in the Trakl House or programs in the ARGEkultur Salzburg are traditionally outstanding in the large circle of joint activities.the project "Silent Night", in which the 200-year history of the impact of this remarkable Christmas carol is presented with exhibitions, films, concerts and publications, has developed a supra-regional radiance, Concerts and publications was told and reflected  

In January 2019, the Mozarteum University took over the presidency of the Salzburg University Conference. The diversity of university activity receives tailwind from the province of Salzburg and the ITG (Innovations- und Technologietransfer Salzburg GmbH). In a joint workshop  "Sound of Innovation" an appearance at the Forum Alpbach was prepared. "(Why) do we need art for innovation?" was the provocative question Question, which was answered with impressive examples. All this experience should also benefit the Innsbruck site. With the ceremonial move into the new premises, a new era also began at the Tyrolean site
a new chapter in the history of our art university also began at the Tyrolean location."

- Elisabeth Gutjahr, Rector

As a continuation of the annual reports published since 1881, the Almanac has been published by Hollitzer Verlag since the 2010/11 academic year on the initiative of the then Vice-Rector Wolfgang Gratzer. Since 2014/15, the director of the Art ARCHIVE Room, Susanne Prucher, has acted as editori. Between 2000 and 2010, no annual reports were published, as the Mozarteum University reported directly to the Ministry during this period.