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Susanne Prucher

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Susanne Prucher heads the archive of the Mozarteum University, which she built up and opened in 2013. The publicist, art historian and lawyer collects photos, press reports and advertising material as well as personnel files, correspondence and minutes in the "Art ARCHIVE Room". With her publications, exhibitions, projects and guided tours, she ensures that the history of the Mozarteum University remains alive. 
Susanne Prucher studied communication sciences in connection with art history and law in Salzburg. She has worked at the Mozarteum University since 1998. As a public relations officer, she was responsible for numerous publications as well as the website and corporate design until 2008. From 2012, as head of the documentation department, she built up the art archive room, which documents current and historical activities of the Mozarteum University as a publicly accessible archive and proactively supports teaching, development of the arts and research. 
Since 2015, Susanne Prucher has been the editor of the almanac, which is published annually as a follow-up to the annual reports that have existed since 1880 and are available in the art archive room.  With the project “Universität Mozarteum – Narrated History”, which she initiated, extensive audio interviews have been conducted with former and current university members since 2012, which supplement the classic archive holdings as oral history.
In addition, Susanne Prucher provides a wide range of information about the Mozarteum institution as part of the tours for which she is responsible at the Mozarteum University. 
Guided tours through the Mozarteum University Day of the Archives Book presentation: "On the way to the art university. The art university organization law of 1970" on October 7th, 2021 Book presentation: "Departments - departments - institutes. Historical aspects of the Mozarteum University" on December 6th, 2018 Archives and history politics - Spring conference of the Association of Austrian Archivists 2018 From music school to conservatory: special exhibition on the book 2017 Exhibition "Development": 175 years of the Mozarteum 2016 Exhibition "Development": 100 years of the International Summer Academy Mozartuem 2016 Opening of the art archive room on April 30, 2013 Website relaunch 2010  
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