Walter Michael Bittner

Piano and harpsichord tunersFacility Management
Walter Bittner is a fanatical music lover - his religion is the music from T. Albinoni to Frank Zappa - and became a piano technician and piano tuner quasi against his will. For many years he rescued old family heirlooms from the junkyard and made pianos playable again, before he became more and more active in concert service. Just before retirement, Walter Bittner finally rose to the position of university lecturer for the subject "Instrumentology Piano".
Walter Bittner's first lessons took place when he was kindergarten in his father's piano workshop: take down the moth-eaten balance beam discs of a Viennese mechanism grand piano with the tweezers - which he inherited and use to this day - and replace them with new ones. Her color: red! In addition to attending elementary school, high school and not completing his studies, Walter Bittner earned his pocket money by helping out in his father's business. In 1982, for family reasons, Walter Bittner applied for a trade license as a piano tuner. In the same year he met master piano builder Werner Fuchs and deepened his knowledge through the collaboration. Since May 2018 he has been working as a piano and harpsichord tuner at the Mozarteum University.