Simon Mack | © Jakob Schad

Simon Mack


Senior Lecturer for ear training & music theoryDepartment Music Education Innsbruck

Simon Mack studied school music, aural training, music theory and jazz piano at the Munich University of Music. During his studies he was a scholarship holder of the Cusanuswerk. After professional positions at the Leopold Mozart Center of the University of Augsburg and the University of Osnabrück, he has been Senior Lecturer for Aural Training and Music Theory at the Department of Music Education Innsbruck since WS 2022/23. In addition, he teaches practical piano playing at the Munich Musikhochschule.

Simon Mack is also active as a freelance musician. As part of his "Ballermannprojekt", he sets texts from current mood hits to music in the style of the "great composers of the past". He has received commissions for compositions from the Liedzentrum of the Heidelberger Frühling and the Staatstheater Augsburg, among others. As a pianist in the ensemble "Tangomania" he performs together with string players from the Bavarian State Orchestra.