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Hildegard Fraueneder

Senior Lecturer in Art History / Vice Chair of the SenateDepartment Fine Arts & DesignInstitute for Open Arts
Hildegard Fraueneder directed Gallery 5020 from 2001-2016 and has been chairwoman of the Advisory Board for Art in Buildings and Art in Public Spaces of the Province of Salzburg since 2017. She is program area director of "Figurations of Transition" at the Cooperation Center for Science & Art, has been an adjunct lecturer in art history at the University of Salzburg, in MultiMediaArt at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences, and at the University of Artistic Design Linz. She has been a lecturer in art and cultural studies at the Mozarteum University since 1995.
Hildegard Fraueneder studied art history, history and philosophy in Salzburg and Vienna. In her research projects she deals with the post-war period in Austria, forms of housing and life after 1945 as well as femininity and heroism as part of the interdisciplinary research project on images of women in history and art at the University of Salzburg. She headed the research group Art and Public Spheres and took part in several lecture series of the interdisciplinary focus area Gender Studies at the University of Salzburg.

She conceived and led several congresses (including the Austrian Art History Congress 2003), symposia (including the memorial, Salzburg 2002, urban potentials, Dresden 2007), conferences (including conflict areas in contemporary art, Salzburg 2015) and series of lectures (including a picture held us captive. Friction surfaces des Visuales, Salzburg 2000-2001, Polemik und Gender, Salzburg 2017) and regularly lectures at home and abroad. Frauenender is a member of the Senate working group at the University of Salzburg, Commissioner for Equal Opportunities, a member of several curricular and appointment committees and, since 2019, Deputy Head of the Senate of the University Mozarteum Salzburg. 
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