Stefano Mori | © Christian Schneider

Stefano Mori


Senior Artist in the field of technology / Design: Technology.TextileDepartment Fine Arts & DesignInstitute for Open Arts
Stefano Mori completed his master's degree at the Politecnico di Milano in 2013 and moved to Austria. Here he began a seven-year collaboration with Studio Anna Heringer and Lehm Ton Erde-Martin Rauch, two companies specializing in sustainable architecture that developed and implemented many contemporary architectural projects and techniques related to earth building worldwide. Mori was responsible for both the planning and construction of projects in Africa, Bangladesh, India, China, Germany, Austria and Italy. Even during his studies he was interested in the use of local natural materials and resources for construction. Since then he has often been involved in social and humanitarian projects. In 2019, Mori acquired the German craft qualification as a specialist in earth building. In addition to his main job, he was always involved in the conception and implementation of interdisciplinary projects consisting of art, traditional crafts and digital manufacturing technologies.