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  • Andrea Mayer und Gerd Kühr | © BMKÖS HBF Lechner

    Awards & Successes
  • Rektorin Elisabeth Gutjahr mit den Kompositionsstudenten  Johannes Brömmel, Alfran García und Seung Ju Noh in Marseille. ARCO 2023 | © Stefan David Hummel
    ARCO as guest in Marseille 

    On July 16, this year's edition of the top-class French-Austrian Academy of Composition came to a successful close in Marseille with four concerts. For the first time, the prize winners of the International Mozart Competition were invited to Marseille and performed in the concerts.

  • Illustration einer Trompete
    Awards & Achievements in ZKF Music Theory 

    Independent scientific publications, peer-reviewed conference papers and teaching assignments at renowned institutions: Our students contribute significantly to representing the Mozarteum University in artistic-scientific research and pedagogy in music theory nationally and internationally. Congratulations to our students in the ZKF Music Theory.

    Awards & Successes