Spot On MozART
© Fanny Rösch & Team

Accompanied by the sounds of Mozart's Violin Sonata in E minor, which covers the smoldering conflicts like an ideal world, Idyll tells the story of a family in upheaval…

Violin Sonata in E minor, KV 304

A film by
Fanny Rösch

Musical interpretation
Róza Radnóti (piano) and Kristóf Tóth (violin)

A co-production of the Mozarteum University in cooperation with the University of Television and Film Munich.

An idyllic vacation in the Tyrolean Alps puts Ewa's family to the test. Not only the sweltering heat becomes the occasion for subliminal accusations and the revival of old quarrels. The family itself has changed, parents and daughters have some things to sort out…

  • Script: Fanny Rösch and Lisa Hagleitner
  • Direction: Fanny Rösch
  • Musical interpretation: Róza Radnóti (piano) and Kristóf Tóth (violin)
  • Production: Marie-Luise Pfeiffer and Felix Stegemann
  • Camera: Jonas Kleinalstede
  • Production design: Marleen Johow
  • Costume design: Lisanne Roth
  • Sound: Luca Zanner
  • Editing: Sebastian Husak
  • Colorgrading: José Maria Abreu Santos
  • Sound design: Philip Hutter
  • Mixing: Andi Goldbrunner
  • Production management: Ina Mikkrat


  • Juliane Köhler
  • Michael Rösch
  • Jette Rösch
  • Fanny Rösch

Project supervision

  • HFF: Tim Ungermann & Manya Lutz-Moneim
  • Spot On MozART: Thomas Ballhausen, Franziska Wallner and Magdalena Karner 

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