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Spot On MozART
© Ricsi Kassai

Mozart had to deal with the problem of being an ordinary person and at the same time an extremely sensitive musician.
Was it difficult to accept himself? Did he frighten himself when he realised his extraordinary talent? Was his humour helpful in accepting himself?
In the search for answers to these questions, many themes can be discerned that can be symbolic and meaningful for any generation and at any time.

Piano sonata No. 2, KV 280 (3rd movement)

A film by
Róza Radnóti

Musical interpretation
Róza Radnóti (piano)

In my next film - which in many ways will reflect on my first film, 'Lost in dimensions' - I would like to depict the process of self-acceptance.
The main character and her shadow are two independent entities, but they have to learn to work together, find and accept each other.


  • Directed and managed: Róza Radnóti
  • In collaboration with: Thomas Ballhausen
  • Choreography and dance: Rita Góbi
  • Camera: Tibor Varjas und Marcell Krulik
  • Lighting design: József Pető
  • Production manager: Dániel Kerényi
  • Editor and colorist: Mikul Mácsai


  • Kiscelli Museum (Budapest)