Short film "Idyll" awarded German Camera Prize for Editing

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"Idyll" is the title of a short film by Fanny Rösch, a student at the Munich University of Film and Television, made in 2022 as part of Spot On MozART in co-production with the Mozarteum University. For his montage of "Idyll," Sebastian Husak was recently awarded the Young Editors Prize at the 33rd German Camera Awards.

Sebastian Husak is currently studying feature film directing at the HFF Munich and has been able to deepen his cinematic experience as an assistant director for cinema and television and as an editor on the side. With his production company Texo Filme, he has realised short films such as "Rhythmus" and "Aus deinen Händen", both of which were awarded the Schleswig-Holstein Nachwuchsfilmpreis.

With the short film "Idyll", which was made as part of Spot On MozART and as a joint production of the Mozarteum University and the HFF Munich, the Young Talent Award for Best Editing was awarded to Sebastian Husak.

Jury statement:

"Not only the scenery of a family breakfast fits perfectly to this year's Young Talent Award winning film 'Idyll'. Powerful and colourful images - accompanied by the sounds of Mozart's violin sonata in E minor (KV 304) - show a simple, peaceful and natural family idyll. But the supposed harmlessness is broken by the tension between the actors. The sweltering heat in the film and the matching fast-paced montage by award-winner Sebastian Husak bring sweat to the foreheads of protagonists and viewers alike. Sebastian Husak perfectly picks up on details of the musical accompaniment in his montage and crowns the whole thing with the unreal finale in the form of a leaf blower, which finally takes the family breakfast ad absurdum. Through his rhythmic editing, he creates a sense of immediacy and gives the film an aesthetic that perfectly sets the scene for this (un)ideal world of film."



Accompanied by the sounds of Mozart's Violin Sonata in E minor, which lays over the smoldering conflicts like an ideal world, IDYLL tells of a family in upheaval…